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Exclusive interview with Queen Gold Eze(Face of Nigeria Angelz 2015/16)

Exclusive interview with Queen Gold Eze(Face of Nigeria Angelz 2015/16)
Modelssphere team had an exclusive interview with the reigning Face of Nigeria Angelsz,Queen Blessing Gold . The beautiful queen explains how her journey as a model started,projects and of course her dreams.Excerpts

Can we meet you?
my name is blessing gold Eze
I’m 23yrs old.Hail from Enugu state,nkanu west precisely.
I’m from the family of 6 and I’m the first child out of four(4).
Graduate at the Benson idahosa university ,Benin city.
Studied mass communication.
When did you venture into modelling and what are the early challenges you encountered?
Its been years.Since my secondary school days..
Challenges especially was with the management and other people,who just want to get in bed with every model.its been God and with him,all has been well.

What has been your greatest achievement?
Being a beauty Queen.
Being the winner FON(face of Nigeria angelz) i would say.

If you want to flaunt your endowments which part of your body is most sexy?
Its my eyes and legs

With your striking beauty,would it be fair to say many men will be intimidated to approach you?
I think its a yes.
Not just with my beauty,
also with what have achieved(being a beauty Queen.

Knowing the nature of women,you must be an object of envy or alternatively a role model to the female folks.How well do other ladies relate with you?

Thank you on this one
For real,being a queen has totally changed a lot in my life.
People see me differently now
I get calls from fellow ladies wanting advice on how to be a queen.
And others wanting to be friends.
Of course have had lots of talks about myself from friends but thank God. Again the results of hard work is all showing.

What do you think constitute true beauty?
Beauty is not from the appearance
That’s my very belief.True beauty is from the inside and good heart.

Which do you keep more as friends, the ladies or the guys and please tell us why?
Its actually ladies and that’s because I understand them more.

What or which day will be your happiest moment/day?
*laughs*When my child calls me mummy first time ever.

Do you plan to have one soon?
100% Yes

Talking of romance; is there any flame in Blessings heart at the moment?
As a beauty Queen,which project(s) have you been embarking on?

I’m working on having a foundation..
*The girl child foundation
*Educate A Woman
*Educate A nation.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?
Work hard and never give up.

Where do you see yourself 3-5 years from now?
I would want to be known in the society.As a great woman,an amazing wife.A proud mum and most especially a well known actress,I found interest in that along side modelling.And I’m not giving up on modeling even after marriage.
I will sure discuss that with my future hubby.

Do you share the minority perception that a pageant beauty Queen must sleep her way to take the crown and even to maintain her position?

Hell No.
What advice do you have for someone who might want to follow your path?

Like seriously this is not my first contest, have gone for others that didn’t work out.Some weren’t straight and so on.But I never stopped trying.
If modeling is your dream and makes you happy like it does to me,Never stop trying even when it doesn’t go well.Keep on trying.
Always listen and follow instructions.
And you will get there.

What should your fans expect from you this year?

All round greatness 🙏

Thanks for the time spent with us and hope to see you some other time.
The pleasure is all mine.Thank you Mr Fancy.

Queen Gold in Dubai

Queens like Eze Blessing are rare.Hot,Cute and intelligent.

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