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Top 20 beauty pageant gowns and dresses in 2019

Top 20 beauty pageant gowns and dresses in 2019

Best pageant dress 2019.Trendy pageant gowns at miss universe, miss world, Miss international and miss Earth competitions. Winning beauty pageant gowns of all time plus tips on Pageant dresses/gowns for sale/rent. 

Miss universe Pageant gowns 2019
Top 5 Miss universe 2018 contestants. Evening gown outings.

Pageant night is usually an event one will never wish to miss any day. The lightening, contestants, breathtaking costumes / gowns, and special performances are reasons you will never want to miss it.

There are quite a lot put into consideration while preparing for one of these glamorous beauty pageant events. One of it is the choice of clothe/dress to wear. How to select the best outfit. Now, you can place above other contestants and attract the judges attention.

Winning beauty pageant gown

Recommended pageant gowns for all age bracket.

Are you preparing for a pageant or a fashion designer looking for the best inspiration to sew the groundbreaking gown or prom dress for your client? Don’t think far too much, we have perfect selection you can look at any day. Check out some of the best crown-worthy gowns from our selection of pageant dresses, of course with focus on the trendiest designs that are sure to make you look elegant and feel like a true beauty queen.

Events like beauty contests have a long and enduring history dating back almost one hundred years to the very first Little Miss America before the likes of Miss Universe and Miss World started.

There are usually two style of dressing at a modern pageant “The natural beauty and the glitz”.

Natural beauty focus on the non-makeup beauty of the competitor with ensembles that are sweet and adorable, designed to highlight the fresh image of the competitors.

Miss earth pageant evening gown

On the other side, glitz contests girls glam up exquisitely showing off in glamorous, embellished outfits, enhancing their natural beauty with the aid of somewhat artificial adornments such as flippers, hair extensions, fake tans and false eyelashes to mention but a few.

Pageant dress tips

Dresses at pageant should be free enough to allow free movements while on stage. The worst thing that can ever happen to a contestant is to go on stage with a tight fitted out fit that almost would not allow her move freely while also making you look awkward to the audience.

Most trendy designer gowns come in every color of the rainbow. From bright vibrant colors, pastels such as blush or turquoise, white dresses, gold and silver, red, blue, green, yellow, purple and pink dresses, to almost any shade in between, to elegant gowns in black

Long beauty pageant dresses (Gowns).

The majority of styles feature full-length gowns, but also include short cupcake dresses for little girls and two piece designs.


Miss universe Pageant gown sample
Beautiful Raissa Santana, Miss Brazil 2016 competes on stage in her evening gown during the 65th miss universe Preliminary Competition at the Mall of Asia Arena on Thursday, January 26, 2017.


Best miss universe pageant gown
Catriona gray during the evening gown outing at miss universe 2018.



Teen pageant Dresses.

Dresses for teens are very different from those for toddlers. Junior pageant gowns are voluminous and elaborate, with the accent on elegance as contestants are often judged by their evening gown among other things.Also check few collections here for teen pageant dresses.


Simple evening gown for pageant competition


gown 2019

Long Pageant gowns/ Dresses for Adult Girls.

Adult girls dresses have adorable features which help to make the competitors look captivating. There are polka dot skirts and ruffled puff sleeves, short ruffled skirts with charmingly layered lettuce hemlines, and floral beaded appliques adding a 3-dimensional element.


usa pageant dress 2019


usa pageant dress

Photos of world Best pageant gowns 2019.

Almost every girl will love to wear a lavish ball gown, with a full skirt cascading from a beaded basque waistline. A cutout backs top lace-up corset features which put their curves on display and bejeweled off-the-shoulder straps are complemented with spaghetti straps for additional support.


long pageant dress 2019


long evening dress 2019/2020


Collection of Stunning pageant gowns 2019.

The eye-catchy glitzy dresses often feature intricate beading, latticework beading and scattered sequins, with beaded appliques lushly adorning impossibly full skirts. Now, you can feel like a princess for the day in a gloriously sparkling ball gown that takes ‘dress-up’ to a whole new level. These super amazing styles are created in the finest fabrics.


stunning pageant dress sample


white long pageant evening dress

Evening Pageant dresses 2019.

If you ever get hooked up on the right pageant dress to go for, here are mesmerizing dresses for every age group in a wealth of styles to suit your preferred competition.


white long outfit for pageant


Prom evening gowns/ pageant dress.

Radiate happiness and Stand out in any crowd at your pageant or prom in an elegant evening gown. Explore this collection of pageant gowns and long prom dresses that offer you unique choices from award-winning designers to express your own personal style.









stage gown in pageant


Karina Ramos, Miss Costa Rica 2014

Final tip. 

Before deciding on the pageant dress to go for or a gown to wear on the Grand finale, take into consideration the following points.

1.Your complexion. 

There are certain color that blend easily with your skin color. Some of the designs above may look elegant on the model but not guaranteed to replicate same look when you wear them. Meet with a top Fashion designer near you to help with the right selection. That way, you can be sure to make the best possible choice for yourself. 

2. Right measurements

This is particularly for those who can’t afford to make a sizable dress for themselves but option to rent one from a designer. If you must do that, ensure its in the same proportion with your body. You don’t want to look flabby and quiet unstable while doing the lava lava walk. Take note! 

I hope this little tips helps you in becoming the dream queen in the pageant you are going for. Do come back here to get more tips to help you build confidence as a royal beauty queen. 

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