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Top 40 list of pageant questions about Environment and Nature

Top 40 list of pageant questions about Environment and Nature

40 top beauty pageant questions about Environment, Nature,Tourism with relation to Environmental issues and protection. These questions are very common in pageants like Miss Earth, Miss Tourism, Miss Culture even local and international competitions alike.

Pageant questions about education and nature today

Tips to answer pageant interview questions about Environment and nature.

To answer this question, “Tell us why we need to maintain the physical environment?”.

Note: This is an open question and it will allow the interviewer to get a deep insight into your philosophical orientation on environmental issues.

Expectedly, a well balanced diplomatic answer is probably the order of the day here. Make sure you express marginal beliefs and be sure to cite an example to back them up.  Also, you can use a current event to help convince the judges and interviewer.

So, on that note, check out top 40 beauty pageant questions about environment and nature today.

1: In your community, are there litter laws where you live? If yes, what are the penalty for littering the environment?

2.Do you think people should recycle newspapers? Why or why not?

3.What are the lessons one can learn from nature, state them according to your understanding!

4.Since you were a child,what are the changes you’ve noticed in the world with focus on values, environment and health.

5.If truly humans are intelligent and not simply controlled by their genes like most other animal, why can’t they do anything about overpopulation?

6.Name 5 things that can be recycled?

List Pageant questions about Environment and nature 2019

Current questions judges ask about Environment and Nature today. 

7.if you become the minister of tourism and environment in your country, What are the measure you can proffer to mitigate over pollution?

8.As a human full of vision, what can you do to make this world a better place?

9.What’s your view about people who smoke cigarettes indoors?

10.Which among these two are more important: I) increasing people’s standard of living or ii) protecting the environment?

12.Who do you think is more responsible for pollution, individual people or the government? Explain.

13.Name 2 issue facing the environment today?

14.Do you know any anti-pollution programs currently in place in your community?

15.Do you think drinking bottled water is healthy enough? Why or Why not?

16.Are companies more or less environmentally responsible now than they were in the past? Why do you think that is?

17.Do you think the development of renewable energy sources is an economic priority?

18. What can large cities in the world do to massively improve their air quality today?

19.Do you think overpopulation is an important environmental issue? Why or why not?

20.Do you think global warming is real?

21.What can we do to protect forests and reduce Bush burning?

List of common beauty pageant questions about Environment. 

22. Are there people in your country who make their living from picking-up other people’s garbage?

23.Tell us how pollution is affecting the environment of the United States today.

24. Does your country have a smoking ban law in place? If yes, state atleast one.

25.What do you think the government can do to improvise the stand of living of the average individuals in the society?

26.How do individual decisions about number of children affect overall population numbers?

27.In what ways can we reduce water wastage ? Share your experiences.

28.What should we do to increase the awareness about environmental pollution?

29.What do you understand by global warming?

30. What are the most common environmental problems in the world today?

31.How does overpopulation affect the health.

32. Air pollution, how do you think it can be mitigated?

33. What the common types of pollution?

34. List 5 examples of environmental problems.

35.what are the common effects of over population.

36. In what ways are you trying to help reduce the environmental issues in your local communities?

Likely questions in beauty pageants about Nature. 

37. What do you understand by acid rain?

38. In your community, what are the most pressing environmental issue currently?

39. Do you think it’s healthy enough to drink rain water?

40.For people living in slum and dirty neighborhoods, what can you do to help them have a safe health if you emerge as the winner?

Final Note. 

These are the most common environmental questions you will find in most local and international pageant competition today.
It is advisable for everyone going for any pageant competition or interview to familiarize with all of them and come up with the best answers to tackle them.

Best pageant questions about Environment today.

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