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5 Beauty pageant dress tips that can make you win any crown today

5 Beauty pageant dress tips that can make you win any crown today

Best ways to get dressed at a beauty Pageant event,beauty Pageant dress tips that will help you win any crown today.  

Are you a girl preparing for a pageant event? Find out how to get dressed during pageant event. This dressing tips can help you win any pageant crown. Check below for the best pageant dress tips.

Beauty pageant dress tips

Follow the steps below. Top 5 pageant dress tips 

  • Step 1

Get a pageant dress suitable for your body.

For any type of pageant you are going for, you will need a certain style of dress. The dress code for Miss Earth might not necessarily be the same for Miss World or Miss universe.

Beauty pageant dress tips
Miss Universe Pageant contestants

Depending on the pageant type, you will need to follow trend. For instance,If you’re at a glitz pageant, you will want a dress that is poofy, colorful, and lots of rhinestones and glitter.

However, If you’re at a natural pageant, try a flowing dress in a natural color such as baby blue or light brown.

  • Step 2

•Wear a light and not too heavy makeup.

Beauty pageant makeup

Apparently, the big, bright eyes are especially great so that the judges pay attention to your face and not just your clothes.
If it’s a glitz pageant, you really need to pile on the makeup. Trust me, bright red lips, glittery eyes, fake eyelashes are key and can get the judges trapped.

As soon as you get to the camp, be sure to include blush and colorful eyeshadow.

On the other hand, if it’s a natural pageant, as the name suggests, go for a more natural look with some light brown eyeshadow, clear lip gloss, and minimal mascara.

  • Step 3

Be sure to Wear a flipper.

You ask what is flipper? Well, a flipper is basically fake teeth. Interestingly, you will need every flaw in your teeth to be corrected, and a flipper will do this.

They are required at glitz pageants. In most pageants, you will get a deduction if you don’t have one.

  • Step 4

Get appropriate shoes.

Pageant hill shoe

For glitz, bright colored high heels are the way to go. You always need heels for glitz!

However,for natural pageants, gently colored flats or cowboy boots would be perfectly perfect.

  • Step 5

Keep your hair well packed.

In a glitz pageant,there’s every need to keep a big hair! Apply lots of hairspray, and lots of teasing and volume.

Also, puff it up more at the top and let it curl up at the bottom. On the other hand, in Natural pageants, a loose curl or simple straight hair are better suited.

Additional tips.

Before going for any pageant, practice smiling in the mirror so that you do it perfectly while on stage.

Also, make sure your hair is full volume, and don’t hesitate to use as much hairspray as you need.

Always act like everyone is always watching you at a pageant. It will help you gain confidence.

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