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How to win in any beauty pageant competition: Top 10 secrets revealed

How to win in any beauty pageant competition: Top 10 secrets revealed

How to win in any beauty pageant competition today. Check out top 10 secrets judges and some past beauty pageant winners just revealed.

Road to becoming the next Pageant winner.

These 10 surprise truths about winning beauty pageant crowns will shock you. Secrets that has helped lots of top winners to clinch local and international pageant crowns and titles.

Do you want to discover the truth that has helped other girls to win beauty pageant crowns?  

Here are the surprise truths About Beauty Pageants nobody wants to tell you. (sharing this Winning secrets with you delights us as we always want the best for our readers)

At first,when people think of beauty pageants, they get a certain level of understanding based on what they’ve seen from watching them on TV and from stories on newsblog like modelsnaija (winks).

Surprising but yet the honest truth,most people wouldn’t understand what these pageants are like until they actually participate in them. Having work with quite a lot of beauty queens both locally and internationally, I have gathered enough knowledge and I will be glad to share them with you all today.

How to Win beauty pageant crowns today.


When you ask a beauty queen what she did to win, most of them will give you a long talk of how they work pretty hard and all of that, they probably would not tell you some of the hidden truth that made them to win.

Winning beauty pageant crowns Nigeria
Crowing moment at the Miss Nigeria pageant event

As your trusted models publicist, you expect me to always dig deep to get you valuable information that will help you excel in the modelling industry, am about to unburden yet another secret that will help you win any pageant crown easily without stress.

Top 10 secrets in beauty pageants plus how win crowns.


Winning beauty pageant crowns and title is not easy, it takes more than natural beauty. Find out all the secrets in beauty pageants below. Make you read all. 

1. Beauty pageant is not for Broke people.

Certainly, in most Beauty pageants, there are entrance fees, wardrobe costs, professional head shots, camp training, interview coaching, hair and makeup services, travel and hotel accommodations fee etc.

Pageant organizers often encourage contestants to seek for donations from supporters as well as professional sponsorships to help reduce these costs. Years back, it used to be easier until the changes in the economy, since then it has been quite difficult to get assistance without having to pay mostly out of pocket.

An article on how to get sponsors in Nigeria will be updated on this blog soon. Always check back

2. Pageant Organizer still enforce outdated and traditional rules.


In most pageants in Nigeria or anywhere in the world, One of the rules is that the contestants must not be married or given birth to a child. They have age bracket for entering as well. The oldest you can be to compete in Miss Nigeria, Miss World or MBGN is 26 years old.

Title holders and queens usually sign a contract stating that during their reign, they are to obliged to be of good moral character and should not bring any negative public attention to her image or the pageant’s image, otherwise they will be dethroned and their title will be given to their closest runner up.

3. Taller contestants are mostly favoured.

Usually in some pageants, there’s no height requirement, but how often do we see a 5’2 contestant winning the crown? There has only been two Miss Nigeria titleholders that have been 5’4. The large number of winners in the past, for the more prestigious pageants in the world are closely between 5’6 and 5’11.

You ask me why? Pageant organizers wants to promote winners that boost of certain modeling potentials on top of everything else they look for in a winner. However, it is still possible for a petite woman to win, but she must be exceptionally good in other areas.

4. There is a pageant niche for everyone.

How do I mean by a pageant niche? A pageant niche are pageants created specifically for certain people. There’s a pageant for shorter women and men under 5’6, ones for plus size models and also pageants for older or married women.
Even recently, I saw a pageant for transgender and miss wheel chair.

Although, most of these pageant programs are obviously not as popular but they exist for good reasons.

5. Contestants often starve to stay fit.

While some contestants may be naturally thin, others who feel they are chubby tend to go overboard on restricting their daily consumption and spending long hours at the gym, at least during their pageant preparation.

6. Elite contestants prepare long time before registration kick off.

When you look at all the top winners in most Beauty pageant around the World. All of them are registered with an agency where they prepare even before the registration for the contest they are going for kicks off.

Don’t mind anyone, who tells you that they don’t train or have anyone putting them through, some of them have a personal coach and would not tell it out.

Only newbies in the pageant world try to cram all their preparations into three months before the d-day.

When you meet experienced contestants who certainly knows what it takes to win any pageant crown, they usually start as early as possible.

QConstant practice will make you perfect. Take your time to learn the basic and on stage cat walk, pose and how to answer pageant questions and answers.

If you have not seen our top 16 pageant questions and answers kindly find it here.

7. Local and state pageants aren’t so glamorous.

In some local and lower levels competition especially state pageants, there isn’t much effort put into the production of the pageant show.

No proper funding? I could agree! However, at the national and international levels, they make it into a huge royal event with tons of fancy settings, much like what you see on TV.

I May be wrong but attending some local or state pageant is no different to watching a high school talent show.

8. There is a sisterhood and brotherhood in the pageant community.


While a lot of people may think contestants always fume and often act dramatic towards each other, that’s not true, there are many friendships and even a family type of bond formed between winners, contestants, and even pageant directors that can last for many years if not lifetime.

Beauty pageant contestants guide
Miss ambassador for peace contestants all smile

Trust me, It’s fun watching some of these contestants have fun together like they’ve known each other for long.
(I can see the smiles on your face, trying to recall your past experiences.)

What count most in winning beauty pageant crowns in Nigeria.


The below points are for Nigerian pageants .

9. Tickets sales are very important.

In some pageants in Nigeria, the organizers issue out tickets to contestants to sell and recover money for them.

The money recovered from these tickets sales will cover expenses for the event venue, all the social network campaign ads, hotel accommodation, payment for artists that will lit up the show and all of that.

Contestants are given a certain target and if you fail to meet up with this target, there’s little or no chances of you winning the pageant.

Secret to Winning beauty pageant crown  in Nigeria
Crowing moment at the Miss tourism Nigeria pageant

Tickets sales will carry most of the mark you will get. Here’s how they usually dissect the marks: ticket 60-70%, Stage performance 20% , online voting 10% (Fancysocialmedia is a reputable Nigerian social media expert that help contestants with votes,you can contact them here).

If you can sell all the tickets given to you, you stand 90% chances of winning the crown.

10.No male organizer will ask you to sleep with him to give you crown.


Before now, people feel having an affair with the organizer is the shortest route to owning their dream crown. Remember, Beauty pageant is a business, every business owners wants to make profit and improve his business value.

What most pageant organizers want is contestants with the right connection. If you have contacts of influential people in the society (A-list artistes, politicians, rich philanthropist etc) and can bring them to partner or sponsor you in the event, you have a better chance of winning. Like the popular saying: :”If you get better conne, you go win anything in Naija”.(pidgin).

Most if not all of the Nigerian or international beauty queens and pageant kings you see in the world today have all of the above qualities mentioned here. They are experienced, have the good look, and finally they boost of connection that can make things happen.

That’s all I can tell you for now. Hope you’ve learnt new things? If there’s anything we missed or something you would like to say, please use the comment box to drop your view.

Point covered:


  • How to win beauty pageant crowns in Nigeria.
  • Real truth about winning beauty pageant crowns and titles revealed. 
  • Top secret of pageant queens you need to know.
  • Criteria of a typical Nigerian Beauty Queen organizers are looking for.
  • Basic requirements for Winning most Beauty pageant titles in the world.

Also, if you have not read our pageant questions and answers, kindly do that now, you can find it here

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