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Exclusive Interview with Face of University Nigeria Male Winner, Michael Joseph.

Exclusive Interview with Face of University Nigeria Male Winner, Michael Joseph.
Modelssphere team had an exclusive interview with reigning Face Of University Nigeria Male winner, Michael Joseph.The handsome Calabar model reveals his plans for this year,likes and dislikes and of course who he will be hanging out with on Valentine day.Read and enjoy.

Can we meet you? name is Michael J. Joseph aka guidotti, the face of university nigeria 2015 winner, a student of university of calabar. I am an easy going person that works well for everyone, I always challenge myself at everything I do and I also like to engage in my personal activities, like sketching and listening to good music.

So what’s your typical day like?

Well, my typical day is waking up by 5:30am, reading my ODM(our daily manner), do a little workout to keep fit, then I freshen up, I look for something to eat and then go for class

What can be your greatest contribution to the community?

My greatest contribution to the community will be empowering the youths, just so they can be independent of themselves and believe in themselves

What do you like most about yourself?

What I like most about myself Is the fact that I don’t back down for nothing even when I fail, am flexible, am buoyant, also charismatic and also I love my hair.

What do you think is the greatest environmental problem today and how do you think it can be eradicated?

Well, I think the greatest environmental problem is pollution. And it can be eradicated by advising the masses to stop frequent bush burning, to stop vandalism properties, to stop throwing waste into the gutter, and the government should provide waste bin at every corner of the streets,And most especially, the government should put a stop to oil spillage as well enlighten the public about the effects of pollution.

Your handsome and outspoken,how do you handle your female fans?

well, I make everyone to feel at home .. no strings attached.

But you sure have one you will be hanging out with in this Valentine right?

*Smiles*well as a man, Sure.

Whats your own definition of success?

Uhmm.Well my own definition of success will be completing a task and when looking back, thinking I couldn’t have done it better.

Which do you keep more as friends,guys or girls?

I keep the girls more as friends

What’s your view about gay,do you think its there in the modelling industry as been proclaimed by majority of people out there?

Well,it’s a free world, and am not obsessed with anyone’s sexuality, everyman to he’s life.Well in the modelling industry I can’t tell.

How has your reign as the king and Face of University University Nigeria been like?
Well, it has been intriguing and it has gotten me on a whole new level. You know, when you attend an invent, and at your entry, your been recognised,, it’s just so cool and it’s been fun.

What advice do you have for young models that would want to follow your path?

Well,they ought to believe in their selves and stay focus even when there is failure, Their dreams ought to be bigger than their fears, their action must speak louder than their words and their faith should be stronger than their feeling.And not to forget, they must apply God to everything they do. As simple as that.

What should your fans expect from you this year?

They should expect me to hit the ground running

What do you think about modelssphere blog

I think models sphere is doing a wonderful job, she makes models to feel important, and also promotes models perfectly.

Thanks for the time spent with us,hope to see you some other time.

The pleasure is mine.thank you too.

Michael with Queen Blessing(FUN female winner)

Really amazing!!

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