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13 Pageant questions and answers about Education you need to know (Best answers)

13 Pageant questions and answers about Education you need to know (Best answers)

Beauty pageant questions about education. 13 pageant questions and answers about education you need to know today.

Pageant questions about education
Contestants answering Pageant questions about education

Pageant Questions About Education.

While most interview and on stage questions in beauty pageant are always on environment, tourism, fashion and even politics, there are still sometime judges come up with a twist and ask you questions related to education.

Is there an Easy way to answer pageant questions about education? 

Yes! To help you through, we’ve compiled list of common pageant questions about education and also provide related answers for you. Also, you can go through our list of hard pageant questions of all time.

13 Pageant Questions and Answers About Education.

Find all the pageant questions about education from various competition.

1.Would you support the notion to restrict students from having mobile phone while in school,give reason for your answer?

  • Answer: “I certainly do not believe it’s the right thing to do. I feel that most students perhaps, are still manageable regarding this matter. Also, it’s a mean of advancing learning if applied rightly. Most students get additional information from using their phone to surf the internet. Teachers could also solve this classroom management issue in a diplomatic,calm and convincing dialogues with the students.

On stage pageant questions about Education.

2.If you emerge as the winner,how do you plan to assist the out of school youths in the society.

  • Answer:“Well, if I emerge as the winner, I will possibly conduct educational seminars and skill acquisition workshops that would enhance their entrepreneurship skills and give them a few sense of belonging. Through that way, they will impact and be useful to the society at large.

3. Tell us one lesson you learned as a child that still affects your life today?

  • Answer: “Growing up as a child,i was blessed with a beautiful voice and have used that during presentation in church and school. It has also helped me today as I can address any audience without my voice shaking .its also one thing i want to teach to the next generation. Thank you.”

4. How can you convince the audience here the the education of our youngest generation can be enhanced by parental involvement?

  • Answer: “Featuring in your child’s life is paramount not only does it improve the educational advancement but it also helps to build bond.
  • Ultimately, a parents job is to help guide their child(ren) all through their life pan in a positive yet authoritative manner so that they can be successful in the near future.
  • Alongside a standard education system, parents and teachers alike can instill a greater love of learning at a young age as well as give encouragement and reinforcement to their child’s developing interests.”

5.Why did you choose your course?

  • Answer: “ Growing up as a child, I have always have this dream of becoming a doctor to help others passing through severe pain. Even while I was a child, my mum always laugh over my naive behavior of crying each time my young brother hurts his foot. Together with other reasons,i feel fulfilled solving other people’s problems.

6.What would you say is the greatest educational problem we have today.

  • Answer:Low financial budget. Inadequate financial Budget cuts by the government have created huge problems for most public schools in recent years that still transcend till today.
    Less funding means smaller staffs, fewer resources and a lower number of services for students.

7.If you become the minister of education in your country, what can you do to improve educational system?

  • Answer: “If I become the minister of education in my country, what I will certainly do to advance the educational system is to empower every child to understand and believe that education is the first and most important thing for them.
  • Will also look at the common problems most of the generational schools in the society are having and see how well, we can support them to improve learning.
On stage pageant question about education
Answering Pageant questions about education

8.Would you go against using local languages to teach children in school?

  • Answer: “certainly not. We are not born equal, if a child can learn fast when you use local language then it should be practised. Using English or other general lingual franca should not be superimposed. However, mixing the both could serve better.

9.Girl or male child, who would you give the best education?

  • Answer: “Of course, the girl child is always the best. I believe giving a girl Child every support they need at any level will benefit the family more. The sustainability and progress of all regions depend on the success of women across the globe. As President Obama said while addressing the United Nations General Assembly in 2012, “The future must not belong to those who bully women. It must be shaped by girls who go to school and those who stand for a world where our daughters can live their dreams just like our sons.”

10. Do your grades reflect your potential?

  • Answer: “Never, though I planned to get a good grade (or I got a good grade while in school). I still feel my potential is unique and will rather determine what I will be in life. So, my goal is to work on becoming the best version of myself.

11:Do you have any regrets about the way you spent your time during college?

  • Answer: Yes, I was too preoccupied with activities in school,working on getting a good grade that I left my social life empty and void. I still feel I can go back to catch all the fun and balance it up. Smiles!

12.How has your education prepared you for your career?

  • Answer: “As a graduate of “English” have really developed a strong communication skills, however, it is my extracurricular activities and skill that have prepared me for life outside school. I was president of our school’s volunteer organization, which required organizing and running over a dozen volunteer events each year. For our annual gala fundraiser, I managed a team of twenty-five volunteers. Because of these experiences, I am able to effectively manage people and run long-term projects.

13.Who helped you decide which college to attend and why?

Answer : My dad did the selection. As a tutor in a private school, he feels taking me to a college far from home will enhance my learning and also expose me to a new environment.

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