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Top 10 most difficult beauty pageant questions (Hard beauty pageant questions)

Top 10 most difficult beauty pageant questions (Hard beauty pageant  questions)

Beauty pageant tips:Difficult/hard beauty pageant questions of all time. Don’t be left in the shadow, take a look at them.

While going for a pageant event or beauty interview, one of the scary moments most contestants are weary of is the “Question and answer session”.

Hard pageant questions
   Question & answer session at Miss Universe.                                           2017

We’ve in the past, answered the common pageant questions and today we will be listing out the top 10 most difficult pageant questions you should expect in the competition you are going for.

Top 10 Most difficult/hard beauty pageant Questions today.

Hard beauty pageant questions today
                         Miss Nigeria pageant
  1. Take a look at other contestants, which among them do you feel that doesn’t deserve to wear the crown?
  2. If given the opportunity to be the director of this pageant, what will you do to improve its standard?
  3. Tell us one thing other contestants have but you don’t.(Remember we are all born unique)
  4. Among all these beautiful ladies here, what makes you think you deserve to be the winner?
  5. Your fans and friends here all want you to win, how would you feel If you don’t win this title?
  6. What is your weakest point?
  7. Some set of people feel pageantry doesn’t have great impact in the society, how can you convince them?
  8. Looking at the mirror,what do you see?
  9. Would you rather have a gay best friend or a lesbian best friend?
  10. Tell us one bad thing you noticed about this pageant?

Before answering any of these questions, make sure you take your time, think before coming up with an answer. Remember, what ever you say will be used to judge you.

On stage Hard beauty pageant questions
   Crowning moment at Miss Universe pageant

Final tips. 

In our article “Winning beauty pageant crowns secret, we made mentioned of early preparation as one of the keys to emerge as the winner in any competition you are going for,it work here too.

The judges want to see how intelligent and smart you could be. Trust me, no organizer would want to have a winner who is naive and not smart enough when pushed under pressure.

These are our top 10 most difficult/hard beauty pageant questions, how would you answer them? Leave a reply in the comment box and always like our page on facebook 

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