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Pakistan Model commit suicide after battling with depression

Pakistan Model commit suicide after battling with depression

In an apparent turn of events, a popular Pakistani model, Anam Tanoli committed suicide after she lost her battle with depression. The sudden news of her death has spread almost every where after she was found hanging from a ceiling fan in her residence near Lahore as reported by the news agency in Pakistan.


How Pakistan Model dies after committing suicide. 


She was immediately rushed to the hospital by her family when they spot her but was confirmed dead upon arrival. Before her demise, 26-year-old Annam lived happily,(at least judging from appearance),in the upscale Defence area. Her body was received by the General Hospital for post-mortem.

Pakistan Model Annam suicide
Photos of pakistan Model Anam who committed suicide in her room

In a bid to dig deep and get to the root of the issue, the police has recorded various statements, including that of her mother’s, where she claims Anam was mentally drained and psychologically burdened. Her depression was so severe that she had regular appointments with her therapist.

Anam was suffering from depression because various of her Instagram posts suggested that she was saddened by all the negativity and harsh words she was receiving from the society.

Despite the statement made by her mother and posts on Instagram, the police is investigating the case to ensure there is no hidden agenda. Her Instagram handle has been since deleted.

The police also had a chat with her husband, Navid Ahmad who stated that Anam intentionally put an end to her life due to depression. Ahmad confessed to the police that “they were on their way out to visit the therapist when Anam locked herself in her room and hanged herself with her dupatta”.

Before her death, Anam had two children. The body has been sent for autopsy by the police. What a painful exit and had time the husband would experience training the little kids as a single parent.

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