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New Age Limit For Miss World Pageant plus 10 facts about the competition

New Age Limit  For Miss World Pageant plus 10 facts about the competition

Miss World Age limit and all you need to know before going for the competition .

Miss World Age limit


What is the New Miss World Age limit?

The Miss World organizers has changed its age limit requirement and extended it from 16.5 to  26 years old. The announcement was made on their official page on Facebook.

By the way, here are fun fact you need to know about miss world competition. We’ve also include in this article, guide on how to compete and win the crown.

Did you know that Miss Kazakhstan 2003, Saule Zhunusova, was only 16 when she contested in Miss World? Do you also know that Nicosia Lawson, Miss Cayman Islands, was 26 years old in Miss World 2008?

However, Torrika Waters (Miss Fiji World 2012) and Maire Hughes (Miss Ireland 2012) were both stripped off their titles for being 16 and 26 years old respectively.

Frequently asked questions about Miss World competition and answers.

The annual pageant competition is the oldest and one of the most celebrated beauty pageant event on earth. Aside the glitz and glamorous night, the winners goes home with crown worth million dollars. 

There are quite a lot more you need to know and keep in mind. Let’s take you through some fun facts about the competition.

1.What is the height requirement for Miss World pageant?

The new height requirement is 5 feet -6 inches. To compete in the annual fashion event, you must fall within that range.

2.Who are the organizer of Miss World pageant? 

Currently, the Competition  is owned and managed by the Miss World Organization headed by Julia Morley.


3.Best between Miss World competition and miss universe?


Miss Universe pageant and miss World are the two most popular International pageant in the world. Although, Miss Universe  is doubled to have a higher status ; there is nothing somewhat official, to suggest that either one is better.

Miss World pageant, created in 1951 is considered as the oldest running International beauty pageant in the world. 

4. Who is the current Miss World? 

Manushi Chhillar who represented  India in the last edition was crowned as the winner on 18 November 2017 in Sanya, China .

5. When and where will miss World 2018 edition Hold? 

The annual pageant event which is also the 68th edition will hold on 8th December 2018 in Sanya, China 


6.Does miss world get to keep the crown forever?


oh No!, that’s a million dollar crown. The crowns are handed over to the new winners. However, the ex queens are allowed to go with their sash.

Quick one: The reigning  Miss World Manushi Chhillar’s winning tiara is worth a  whooping  $750,000.

7. Which country has the highest miss World crown? 

Here are the top 5 countries that has won the pageant most

India 5
United Kingdom 5
South Africa 3
United States 3


8. First African country to win the title ? 

Egypt Antigone Costanda is the  first African delegate to win miss world title in 1954. She is also the first in an African-muslim-dominated country to wear the crown. 

However, the first black (complexion) African country to win the crown is Nigerian  Agbani Darego in 2001.

9.Who is the youngest miss World winner? 

The youngest winner of the competition has been Wilnelia Merced of Puerto Rico, she won the title in the year 1975 (25th Edition).

10.Who is the oldest winner? 

Poland Aneta Kręglicka was the oldest winner. She was 24 years and 244 days old when she got crowned in 1989.

11.Dethroned/resigned queens

United Kingdom Helen Morgan, won the title in 1974 but was dethroned four days later when it was discovered that she had a baby.

Another shocking fact– Germany’s Gabriella Brum was emerged Miss World 1980 (30th Editon). However, she shocked the pageant world after she resigned 18 hours later. She dropped the crown after her boyfriend’s disapproval, and later came out pointing at  media pressures regarding nude pictures of her as the main  reason.

How contestants are judged?

The contestants are judged on three major categories : evening gown, swimsuit, and a personality interview.

Unlike in most local competition, there is no talent display in Miss World.

How to apply?

To apply, you must meet certain requirements some of which we have listed above. Also you must have won the local title in your country home. 

In Nigeria, only winners from Most beautiful girl in Nigeria pageant (MBGN)  are allowed to register. 

The basics requirements.

  • Meet the age requirement.
  • Not married.
  • Contestant must not be married. 
  • Meet the height requirement.
  • Must be Selected by your country

Preparing to Compete in Miss World ,5 tips to win the crown.

  • Stay in perfect shape.

Always exercise and eat healthy. Remember, Miss world contestants are judged on their appearance wearing a bathing suit.

  • Keep your skin glowing.

You may want to apply products that bring out the beauty of your skin like acne-fighting cleansers and moisturizer. Try to keep your skin moist and avoid sun damage by applying sun shade any time you are outdoors.

  • Remove unwanted body hair.

Your skin must be smooth and sparkling to attract the judges. Most contestants prefer waxing, as the results last for several days.

Endeavor to wax your skin and check the progress everyday prior to the pageant week, but make sure it’s not so close to the day of the event.
Your focus should be on the bikini lines, armpits, legs and mustache.

In case it’s your first time, make an appointment at least a week before the big event to see how your skin reacts to it. If your skin is not sensitive enough to withstand the pressure, please stop and consult a skin therapist for recommendation.

  • Get a good pageant coach.

The coach will be there to teach you skills and ways to walk, act and look throughout a pageant. There are lots of pageant instructors in Nigeria, make sure you bookmark one to train you. You can also get some of their contacts by visiting modelling agencies.

  • Prepare for your interview.

Expand your knowledge and take note of current and recent events around the world. Choose a platform, the cause you care most about that you will work toward during your reign should you win the pageant.

Note: Certain types of questions often recur in pageant interviews. Go through the most common interview and pageant questions and prepare well.
Master each lines and expect to be asked questions such as, “Who is your role model?” “What is the greatest environmental challenge facing the world today?” and “What constitutes true beauty?”

One thing you need to bear in mind before going in for this competition is that, it’s a total turn around for you”. Also, if you emerge as the winner the world at large will bear your record in mind, you will have the best opportunity to tour round and see nice places.

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