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My Lips and A$s are my selling point_______Queen Samuda Angel.

My Lips and A$s are my selling  point_______Queen Samuda Angel.
Modelssphere team had exclusive interview with the reining Face of of Bella,Queen Samuda Angel,The beauty queen reveal lotta things about herself,pet project,love life etc. There’s one that will really shock you.cant wait to read it right?smiles.Just chill and enjoy..

ModelssphereCan we meet you?

Queen Angel Am Angel Samuda,from Akwa Ibom,studied French,graduated from university of calabar.An upcoming Nollywood actress,a stylist/fashion designer at Touch Of SAS and currently the winner Face of Bella 2016

ModelssphereAs a human we all have hobbies what can you classify yours as?

Queen AngelWill classify my hobbies as dancing,swimming,traveling,surfing net and cooking.

ModelssphereAs the reigning Face of Bella world , How do you feel winning that title?

Queen Angel*Smiles*i feel blessed and am excited to be the reigning queen of bella 2016,its a privilege and I promise to play my role to the best of my capability and create an impact in the society.

Modelssphere How would you describe your personality?

Queen Angel Am a very honest,down to earth,open minded and straight forward person.

ModelssphereIf you want to flaunt your endowments,which part of your body is most sexy?

Queen AngelMy skin, My Ass and lips

modelssphere wow! and am sure a lot of men would hardly take their eyes of you, how do you handle your male fans?

Queen Angel* laugh out out*i get a lot but depends on the manner of approach I could give a listen ear to some.I now see it as a normal thing that could happen to a fine girl like,so it doesnt come like a shock

ModelssphereEven at that, there will still be a space in your heart occupied by someone special.Hope am not wrong?*smiles*

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Queen Angel Hmmmmm now invading my privacy oh.Of course what do you expect but i’ll like to keep my private life private..

ModelssphereWhat is success for you??

Queen AngelTo me its achieving my dreams and being happy about it.

ModelssphereAre you a feminist? Do you believe in gender equality? If yes or otherwise please tell us why?

Queen AngelOh yes!! I believe in gender equality because the women should also be given equal right as the man to showcase their talent and capability not just being ruled out because we are women.

ModelssphereAre there secret things the world don’t know about you?if yes,do tell us one of them.

Queen Angel Not really but if at all,secrets are secrets and meant to be kept secrets.
ModelssphereAs an actress and fashion designer, how well do you combine the two with your modelling activities?

Queen AngelI cope with it quite easily. considering am not always on set 24/7 or on my its really not a big deal to me.

ModelssphereCan you marry someone in the same industry with you?
Queen Angel I doubt..

ModelssphereWhat do you think is the greatest challenge(s) in Nigeria today and how do you think it can be resolved?

Queen AngelChange,in this age of globalization,We need to reflect on our journey so far, so we can do better in the future and leave a better legacy

ModelssphereWhen do you intend to carryout your project as a beauty queen?

Queen AngelThat i cant disclose,want it to come as a surprise and unexpected.

ModelssphereGuess your planning it in a bigger way? 😉

Queen AngelBy the Grace of God

ModelssphereWhat advice do you have for young models that would want to follow your path?

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*Queen Angel Have the passion for what ever they do and to their very best and never give up on their dreams,no matter how tough it may seems.

modelssphereAs a beauty queen with motives,where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Queen AngelI see myself as a role model,a woman of virtues people can always look up to

Modelssphere.comTo your fans and well wishers, what should they expect from you this year?

Queen AngelMy fans are my back bones .Generally,they should expect something big and different from the usual

modelssphereThank you for the time with us. Hope to see you next time.

Queen Angel**Thank you

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