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How to Become fashion model in Nigeria

How to Become fashion model in Nigeria

Have you ever thought of being a fashion model?
If yes, read the step-by-step guide on How to
Become a Fashion Model in Nigeria. If you read
this article thoroughly, you will be able to discover
what you are looking for and unlock your
It is amazing, electrifying and fun to many
Nigerians to see beautiful ladies hit the runway
and showcase their hourglass shapes and well-
perfected curves to the entertainment and glamour
of their audience.
Since Miss Agbani Darego won the Miss World
title in 2001, being the first lady to ever achieve
such feat in Sub-Saharan Africa, fashion
modelling has been revolutionized in Nigeria as
many ladies now see fashion modeling as profession
in Nigeria.
The trend amongst most youths especially the ladies
is to watch their weights so as to become
fashion models in Nigeria.
It has also become acceptable and fashionable to see
organizations to go into moulding of models and
transforming them to internationally renowned
This trend is rapidly growing and there is greater
awareness now, but some sections of the country
condemn it saying that is unacceptable based on
their religious beliefs.
However, for most Nigerians who imbibe fashion
modelling, it is a career worth pursuing. Well, if
you are beautiful, sexy, and wish to build a career
in modelling, join me as I take you on a journey of
how to become a fashion model in Nigeria.
Guide 1: Take care of your body. Are
you 18 years of age yet and you want to become a
fashion model in Nigeria? You must watch what
you eat. Yes, filter carefully what goes down your
throat. Do not eat heavy foods like Eba, Fufu,
Ewedu and similar foods all the time.
Have a decent meal timetable that will ultimately
give you a balanced diet. It does not mean the food
is not good, but they can make you obese –
something your career doesn’t like. One of the
features of every model is to be slim.
So, eating such heavy foods can help destroy your
shape. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, drink
water and juice often because they help the body
systems function properly thereby making that killer
shape stand out .
Dress well and decently too. Did I forget to
mention it? No way!! Do exercises often to
keep fit. It will also help keep that perfect shape.
You can register at a gym class and attend every
weekend. Also, take good care of your hair and
Unkempt hair or “burnt skin” with blemishes can
ruin your career. You also have to check the creams
you use.
Guide2. Know yourself and don’t be
shy. To succeed as a model you must learn to do
something – face the crowd and speak. Fashion
models go on tours for their agencies, win contracts
to do advertisements, and sometimes act.
So, you must learn how to face the crowd, speak
to them convincingly and catwalk on the runway
to showcase the works of some designers who
contracted an agency that you will model for.
Work on your speech ability; be polite; truthful;
you should know your measurements (height, shoe
sizes, dress size, hip, waist, hair colour and
weight) and use of English Language.
You must always seek for new ways to improve
your stage performance, abilities and stand out. You
have to be confident all the time and chances are
that you may need to fake it to build your
confidence over a period of time.
If you have achieved this, your quest to become a
fashion model in Nigeria is gradually coming to
Guide3: Take pictures often and give
your agent. You must always take pictures. Get
professional photographers to do the snapping too.
Pose properly and make sure you don’t wear too
much makeup when you are snapping.
There may be need to visit their studios and take
hot pictures. Also, snap without wearing
makeup – most agencies do not allow fashion model
wannabes to wear makeup when they are being
auditioned. Ensure to keep all your pictures.
Have a photo album where you save all your
pictures and ensure to have them on your mobile
devices in case an opportunity presents itself.
If you can afford to have an agent, get one, give
them your pictures and discuss their terms of
payment. Agents also help to sell you to model
agencies, and don’t sign any agreement with any
agency without an agent (if you have one).
Guide4. Learn more about the
industry. Read about people who have made
create success out of modelling, be inspired (this
will also give you a reason to take fashion modelling
more seriously), and find out how they did it.
Read articles, blogs, magazines, and books on
modelling. Go on to the Internet and read about
renowned modelling agencies which have produced
known people, their addresses, and plan to pay them
a visit.
And most importantly, read this piece because I
will definitely reveal to you the secrets you need to
help you become a fashion model in Nigeria like you
have never read it elsewhere – *smiles*
Guide5: Join Fasion agency. Most
modelling agencies are run by retired models. So,
joining an agency will help sell you and your career
to the world.
There are many notable agencies in Nigeria. But if
you have no idea who they are, don’t worry
because this piece will help you.
They will mentor and coach you on what you
should do and what you shouldn’t do in order to
succeed in the fashion model industry, and they will
also give you the opportunity to showcase your
talent when they win contracts.
Some notable ones are SilverBird Group, Ashby
International Modelling, Twins Talent Agency,
Model Mart Management, ModelInfinity, Panache
and so many others.
Visit the agency and make sure you have your hot
pictures . You may be asked to pose for a headshot
and catwalk. Don’t be discouraged if most
agencies reject you.
Remember the popular American model, Tyra
Banks was rejected by four agencies, and she is
considered an “ugly duckling” that discovers model
wannabes on her popular show, America’s Next
Top Models .
So, if you wish to become a fashion model in
Nigeria, you may want to pay a visit to an agency
Note that before you consider building a career in
fashion modelling you must be between 18 and 28
years, slim and not with big breasts, else you may
just have a hard time in the industry.
Fashion modelling is growing rapidly in Nigeria
and must be encouraged because it is entertaining to
Nigerian of all age groups; fashion modelling
harnesses and showcases the beauty potentials of
Nigeria to the world; it empowers our women by
helping them build a career in it (source of
employment) and gives our women the opportunity
to showcase their beauty and talents to Nigerians
and get suitors.
You can now to see that you can become a fashion
model in Nigeria with this guide.
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