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5 Classic and gorgeous color combinations that work well with any figure..(photos)

5 Classic and gorgeous color combinations that work well with any figure..(photos)

 Now lets roll…

 We all love colors and joining them into excellent patterns on our clothes determines how unique we could be but however how would we realize that they are a good fit for our figure? A specific example may look very wonderful on paper or when you see it on a garments rack in the store, yet when you put it on, you may understand that it doesn’t exactly compliment you. Regardless of how lovely a shading may be, it may not look great on everybody.
   The best way to choose whether a specific shading or shading blend fits you is to just attempt it on and see what the impact is. You will know whether it suits you in the wake of attempting on around 3 garments in that shading example. You presumably officially saw a couple patterns which are without a doubt ‘yours’. In any case, other than this attempting methodology, here are 5 fantastic shading blends that are pretty much a decent match for each body sort:


Believe me If there is apparently anything that can really make you look exceptional better (and be on a complete power mood as well), that very  thing is hot pink lol, am I right? But to also make sure it’s also figure flattering and wow wow,then you’d need to mjust better combine it perfectly with a good dose of black, the miracle figure slimmer and enhancer.
2)white and black

Yes we must have heard before that white makes
you look puffier and neat ever since you hit puberty, and also that patterns like this are typical
no-no for ladies with curves and hips.kindly get that out of your mind and  trust me, black and white
patterns are simply what all figures need.

3)Deep blue and silver

Its really classy combo for special occasions and events, this color mix will really make you look
as powerful and confident as Rose mirth  in her glory days, and your
figure will also rejoice in it.winks

4)Dark Red and Black

You just have to believe me, if you really skip the black in this combo and only go for the dark
red, you and your figure will still have nothing but gain from it.Take a
look at how lovely and sexy  Rihana looks in this photo!
5)Red and black…

This is another classic trending pattern for women of all shapes, sizes and skin tones is the red
and black super combo. And one good thing about this pattern is that you can even rock it casually, like in a blouse plus

so over to you lovely reader…which one do you really prefer and would like to wear someday?

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