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5 things you need to know about fit Model in Nigeria

5 things you need to know about fit Model in Nigeria

Today, we will cover one of the most comprehensive topic in modeling industry,’ fit model’. Also, we will  take you through the necessary steps to become one, the requirement and all the categories of a fit model and where you can fit in.

what is a fit model?

After an extensive research online,we stumbled upon one of the best definition of what a fit model is, and here  according to Wikipedia,“A fitting model (also called fit model) is someone  who is mostly used by a fashion designer or clothing manufacturer  to check how a cloth fit, drape and visual appearance of a new design on a ‘real’ human being, effectively acting as a live mannequin ”.

Fit model
Model on runway

What that means is that, a fit model must meet certain criteria that a manufacturer of a particular design is looking for or  apparently have the exact look,physic and appearance that can give him the best satisfaction.

Specifications usually considered for selection include the height,shoulder width, bust-waist-hip circumference,the arm and leg length,and other measurements of the cloth.

New design could either be for male or female, however,the grading pattern is usually tested on various fitting models so as to get the perfect look. Even when when there’s an increase in size, it could still translate the same appearance.

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Aside wearing the garment, a fitting model can also impact  on the work process by commenting on the garments, materials used with regards to how it  fit into the body.  They also need to give feedback on the  flexibility and the feel on flesh before the final consumer have a feel of it.

Stressing further, a fitting model helps a designer to confirm that the sizing, design, and cut of the garment to be produced meets an average clients specifications and intentions.

A certain demographic or country could have a certain choice of selection so a designer always want to ensure the new design gets a wide range of acceptability.

Various types of fit model.

Fit models are classified into men, women and children. This further break down into other categories which are :Standard, Contemporary, Misses, Missy, Maternity, Athletic, Full-Figured, Petite, Petite Plus, Swim, Intimates, Urban, Junior, Junior Plus, Tall, and Big & Tall.

How designers and manufacturer use fit models to market their design.

Most times when fashion designers and manufacturers come up with  new design and want it to trend. it is important to use standard sizing which consumers are familiar with.

Designer may plan to use a thin model to display his design on run way. They also know that the consumer may just be too fat to fit in, how ever, they always use plus size models to determine just how it will look like when fat people wears it.

Most designer option for fit model since it would be  too expensive to hire high fashion models to spend hours in the workroom. So fit models are a more cost-effective choice for them.

Basic Requirements for a career in fit modeling.

Do you consider a career in fit modeling? Here are the 3 basic requirements

1. Balance

2. well proportioned

3. Tall and thin

First, fit models has to be  balanced, well proportioned and must have a symmetrical body that will most likely fit into any garment size. Furthermore, a fit model should be able to clearly verbalize the fit issues they feel in garments which is integral to creating clothing that fits properly in the body.

Even still, they should  be able to give accurate and helpful feedback to the designers and technical teams in order to help companies increase sales and  decrease return rates.

Apparently,the  appearance of a fit model simply represents the “look” of the client’s targeted customer.

 Fit Models Salary.

Fit models earns $500-$1000 monthly. Some designers who actually like your service might decide pay more as your status grows. Manufacturer that pays that high are usually in rich countries like USA, France, Canada etc

How to become fit model in Nigeria.

Fit modeling could be a total turn around for any aspiring model or even still the established ones. You can take it as full time business and work with top fashion designers in USA, Nigeria or any country you may find yourself in.

Though, while most of these top brands may option for a real fashion designer, you may also contact them and show them just how good you could be. There are better chance of getting jobs as a fit model in smaller markets than in bigger ones.


If  you ever want to become the next big fit model in town, the first step is to  get exposed to as many modeling agencies as possible that work with fit models.

You may want to take the bold step by contacting these manufacturers directly in your area to see if they are hiring fit models and get to know their requirements.

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