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Exclusive interview with Face of University Nigeria Top Model,Bernard Faith.

Exclusive interview with Face of University Nigeria Top Model,Bernard Faith.

Modelssphere team had exclusive interview with the reining Face of University Nigeria Top model Bernard Faith,The beauty queen reveal lotta things about herself,pet project,love life etc. There’s one that will really shock you.cant wait to read it right?smiles.Just chill and enjoy..

Can we meet you?

Yes. Am Benard Faith,Face of University Nigeria Top model, a final year student of Niger Delta University Wilberforce island.

Tell us about your growing up and when you venture into modelling

I was born in yenagoa,Bayelsa state.I stayed and grew up with my family and siblings.Growing up,i never liked or fancy modelling as something doing with my time.But a friend encouraged me and showed me all the qualities i have to be a top model which i am today.So i picked the courage and went for my first runway show,(Bayelsa fashion week 2011). And since then,modelling as been a part of me which i love so much.

What has being your greatest achievement ever since you became a model?

Well,i will say everything i have achieved being a model is great to me because nothing good comes easily ,but the greatest of them all is when i was crowned Face of University Top Model Nigeria

Are you a feminist? Do you believe in gender equality? If yes or otherwise please tell us why?

Yes, and i believe in gender equality.It is because we are all created by God and being a woman does not make us any is also said that behind every successful man,there is a woman,so what do you think? If the woman is the brain behind a man’s success ,that means she can even do more than what the man does if she is given the opportunity.

Are there things you wish you had?if yes,please name them.

yes of course. I wish i had my BSc and master’s certificate already.

How well can you convince someone that modelling is not all about prostitution and illegal activities as being viewed by majority of people out there?

Thank you very much for that question.Yes modelling as viewed by majority of people out there badly is indeed wrong.Ofcourse there is nothing like prostitution in modelling neither illegality in modelling. Every individual to his own choice, so you do not generalize it to other’s.

Are there secret things the world don’t know about you?if yes,do tell us one of them
Hmmm yes,i do suppress my feelings for guys

But that doesn’t mean your single,right? *smiles*

Hard to believe, but i am ,for now.

When do you plan to kick-start your pet project?

By April

What’s your favourite food?
Any food cooked with coconut milk is my favourite

How would you describe your own personality?

I am an easy going person,courageous and also, hard working.

How do you combine school with your modelling activities?

It is not easy though,but i do cope with everything. My major priority is my education first before any other thing,so as modelling

If you love a guy,can you be bold enough to tell him even when he’s not giving you the needed attention?

No,I can not.

Can you marry someone in the same industry with you?

Yes, if we love and understand each other

Who is your male celebrity crush and tell us what you love about him?

Shifi Omoefe(a member of the style plus group),and i love everything about him.
Aside school and modelling,what are other things you find interesting?

Writing.writing of novels,poems etc

Do you have any word of encouragement for young and upcoming models that would want to follow you path?

Well,am encouraging them to work hard and be the best they can be. Also, never to give up on their dreams and to put God first in all their doings.

What should your amiable fans expect from you this year?

They should expect a lot from me,because i plan on achieving greater things

Thanks for the time spent with us.Hope to have you around some other time.

The pleasure is mine and I humbly
thank you too.

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