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Miss Global Ambassador Nigeria, Queen Jennifer Okorie Marks Independence Day with Lovely Shoots.

Miss Global Ambassador Nigeria, Queen Jennifer Okorie Marks Independence Day with  Lovely Shoots.
Today’s Independence Day celebration Should remind us that our best days are still ahead of us
 It should serve as a salient reminder that as a nation our unity and oneness is non-negotiable.

One of the challenges of this great nation is the misgiving attitude of us Nigerians,we fault every move by our leaders,scream about corruption, complain of the absence of infrastructure, good power supply, good roads, unemployment, institutions that doesn’t work to mention but the few.
It is this attitude and those that sold this to us is the major problem of this great nation as we cannot comfortably sell a product we don’t believe in. if we don’t believe in this country we can’t grow this country.
Why complain only?  Why do we blame all except our inability to give rather than take from the system?  Since we know from where the rain began to beat us, why can’t we determine how best to provide shelter for ourselves?

Have we forgotten that if a man calls his father’s house a dilapidated structure, the outsiders simply joins him and treats the house as such- one underserving of any respect.
On this premise I wish to urge the Nigerian youths of which am one in whose hand the future and progress of this country rests, to move from complaining and speaking ill about the country to becoming a problem solver and solution provider.

I pray this day that our participation as youths should be more constructive and geared towards rendering the best services to our nation. We must ascend from our slumber to a partisan endeavouring Nigerians.

Long live Nigerians.
Happy Independence Day
Queen Jennifer Okorie(Miss Global Ambassador Nigeria 2016)
For the Love of our Country.

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