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I know how to handle guys, exclusive interview with controversial beauty queen, Joy Agbozi

I know how to handle guys, exclusive interview with controversial beauty queen, Joy Agbozi

Exclusive interview with top Nigerian model, pageant guru and controversial beauty Queen, Joy Agbozi, the reigning Queen Of Africa Globe 2018.

She narrate her ordeals, foray into the modelling world, relationship and of course how she handles raunchy guys. Excepts

1)Can we meet you?

My name are Princess Joy Agbozi, a graduate of the university of Port Harcourt.
I am from Rivers state. i love reading novels,I love food,I love dancing,singing and acting too.

Queen Africa Globe 2018

2)How do you feel winning queen Africa Globe 2018?

Going to Camp with no assurance whatsoever was tough. Though I didn’t really see anyone as a competition but I didn’t undermine anyone’s ability either .

So I was very happy when I was called into Top 6 and eventually crowned,it is one moment in my life I will never forget in a jiffy.

3)What can you say that made you to win the crown?

I will say my determination,passion,never give up spirit and intelligence. I was very focused in this particular pageant unlike others!!!

4) What is your biggest fear in life?

My biggest fear in life would be not making heaven and not achieving some of the goals have set for myself.

5)What project are you working on?

For now, none!. I just finished my charity Fashion show in July! I also plan to arrange a Christmas party in December but that isn’t certain yet!

6)Do you believe you are beautiful?

100% yes or do we have any God’s creature that’s ugly? I believe beauty isn’t all about the facial appearance. Everything that makes you a human being sums up your beauty. So, I can boldly beat my chest and say I am beautiful.(Smiles)

7)Tell us one thing you did in the past that you wouldn’t do again any day?

Allowing bullies have the upper hand over me.As a child I was bullied a lot in school and I couldn’t fight back..

8)How do you feel about guys coming around?

As a girl, a pretty one at that, I feel it’s normal to get attraction from the opposite sex. I try to be friendly and polite
but when I don’t like you and you keep stalking me, I can’t help it but yell at you.

Trust me, if I love you, I will handle you well. (Laugh out loud)

9) Some set of people feel you are arrogant and controversial, what do you have to say about that?

Definitely, everyone can’t like you.People say a whole lot of things about me most times,it doesn’t really bother me because I am not in this world to please everyone.
we all have our good and bad sides.

Like I always tell people-it is the part I want you to see that you will see,I don’t live my life on social media and I always stand for the truth.

Joy Agbozi Queen Africa globe 2018
Joy Agbozi

I can be very nice and helpful,I am someone that can displease myself to please another. So people see you as a Queen and feel you ain’t human,so they expect you to keep mute when someone offends you. No way! Am ain’t taking that.

Arrogant? I am not like that!.
The good thing about the whole thing is”I say my mind and move on,I don’t bear grudges”.

10)What is one thing that we would not know about you by just looking at you?

I am a very shy person.

11)What is your view about lesbianism?

Life is all about choices. Personally, i don’t like lesbianism and I don’t keep them as friends either.

12)In Nigeria,people outside the industry feel you must do something nasty to win the crown, how can you convince them?

Well, like I will always say, it is by choice.
Pageantry isn’t prostitution,but we cant overlook the fact we have some bad eggs in the industry .

I will convince them by using myself as an example,following my passion and making a positive impact so others can learn from it..

13)What is your favorite food?

Sorry I have more than one.
I am addicted to Bread!!!OMG!!!
I also love Rice and Stew

14)Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I see myself as a great influential woman who is making waves as a business mogul,a humanitarian ,an actress and a wife of course. (smiles)

15)Who is your role model and why?

Oh! My role model is and will always be Genevieve Nnaji. She has been my role model ever since I was 10 year old. she is one hell of a classy woman,highly intelligent, hardworking,handles critics/gossip like its nothing.

Joy Agbozi controversial beauty Queen

16) If the president could Grant one of your wishes, What would you have him do for you?

That would be for him to sponsor my charity show so it can reach out to more people and change countless lives!!!!

17) What should your fans and well wishers expect from you in the nearest future? A wedding ring?

Modeling is not an easy Job..Same way life is not a bed of roses,modeling isn’t all that rosy either..You have to be focused and determined to be able to forge ahead.

And beware of scammers they are everywhere. Beware of those that will lure you into doing things that are morally wrong!!!

Just be patient. Work on yourself and one day it will definitely pay off!!!

18) What should your fans and well wishers expect from you in the nearest future? A wedding Ring?

A whole lot of achievements.
Currently, I am working on entering into the movie industry which is actually my first Love. Also have plans of setting up my charity show to international standard. And definitely when it is God’s time the ring will follow.(Smiles)

Photos of controversial beauty Queen Nigeria Joy Agbozi
19)Finally, tell us one thing you love most about

That would be the fact that it gives models a platform to be seen and heard which is a really good thing in this social media era..

Thank you!!

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