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I have deep love for wizkid _Queen Chika Nwachukwu

I have deep love for wizkid _Queen Chika Nwachukwu

I have deep love for wizkid _Queen Chika Nwachukwu, Face of Nigeria queen 2018. 

We had an awesome time with fast rising entrepreneur, top model and multiple award winning beauty queen Chika Francisca Nwachukwu who held the title Face of Nigeria and Face of Kimber Nigeria.

The eloquent queen took us through her foray into the pageant system, worst and interesting moments as a model and quite fascinatingly how much she love Nigerian music act Ayo Balogun “Wizkid”. Excerpt…….


Why did you choose to pursue a career as a model?

Answer— Right from my childhood days, I’ve always loved to be in front of the camera. I admired Agbani, Oluchi, Tyra Banks and the likes.

I loved everything about the entertainment industry. And I’m such a person who believes in going after ones passion and making the best out of it despite any challenges or circumstances that might come up along the way.

What is your greatest strength and weakness as a model? What are you doing to improve on it?

Answer— My greatest strength as a model comes with the fact that asides the whole physical looks, I’m also a creative writer.

I believe beauty with brains and purpose is a lethal combination and I’m not lacking in that. So far, I’m working on my first book and my brand. Being a model has given me more exposure into channeling my passion into an income.

My greatest weakness has never been a thing of concern to me. I believe if you dwell more on weaknesses, you’ll never have a positive result in whatever you do. I only work towards being a better version of me and utilizing every opportunity that comes my way positively.

Tell me about your experience(s) so far as a model.

Answer— My experiences as a model has always been a mix up of both ups and downs which is basically part of growing and learning.

Every experience has shaped me into what i am today. To be very honest, its been both good and bad and sometimes terrible but it all depends on how one sees it and lets it affect her set goals. Despite all the odds, i was focused on making an impact and being successful at the same time.

What are your goals, for the future, as a model?

Answer— My goals for the future as a model, has a little twist outside the modeling industry. I’m passionate about charity works. I intend to start up my own NGO using my platform as Face Of Nigeria Queen. My NGO will focus more on the youths who are the future leaders of our great country.

Especially the below average and idle ones, this will give them more opportunity to enroll for self empowerment scheme to gain skills and be self made to stand on their own, thereby taking them off the streets.

I also intend to build my brand to a good standard for good profit making avenues. I’m not totally going to ignore the modeling industry because i still have a brand i presently work with that handles and covers almost every aspect of the entertainment industry and pageantry inclusive that’s Royal Heritage Entertainment Agency.

Face of Nigeria queen I have deep love for wizkid _Queen Chika Nwachukwu

What are your worst and best moments as model?

Answer— My worst moments, I think the late night shoots and the stress that comes with it. That was during my vixen days.

We could spend more than 24 hours on set, trust me, it’s usually not easy. And the times one would have to wait for hours for the artist to show up. But hey its still fun though. My best moments, seeing the results of all the set time and all.

Seeing myself on TV. The beautiful photoshoot sessions, working with amazing directors and learning more about the entertainment industry all summed up to make my best moments worth it.

What’s your say about models having nude/half naked photo shoots? How would you react if asked to do a shoot you were not comfortable with? What are your limitations? Tell me about your most difficult photo shoot.

Answer— The Modelling industry is very vast. And different strokes for different people. I’m not against anyone being creative and adventurous in the modeling industry.

If you’re comfortable doing that and you’re professional about it, that’s your choice and decision, no1 can stop you as long as you’re comfortable with it.

We all have principles and as we grow our priorities change likewise our preferences, if asked to do a photoshoot I’m not comfortable with, I’ll simply say no and if the concept cannot be amended, I won’t give it a second thought. Why would I want to put myself in a compromising situation that will leave me with doubts later. I personally can’t do nude/half naked shoots henceforth. 

My most difficult photoshoot, I’m not sure I’ve had any difficult photoshoot. None I can point out.

Being a reliable model is of utmost importance. How would you describe your work ethic?

Answer— My work ethics is basically being professional and putting in my best to be outstanding. Its not all about having a pretty face and good body as a model. Good communication skills, being creative and intelligent should also be taken into consideration.

The entertainment industry runs in a circle shape, everything and everyone is somehow connected. If you must be reliable be sure to be creatively reliable.

One can’t model forever because of that explore other opportunities in the industry and build yourself to be relevant in various segments in the industry. I believe in considering the future in whatever one is doing.

What you’re doing now, will it be relevant in 5 years to come without ruling out the fact that, technology is still evolving.

Tell me something I wouldn’t know about you, from looking at your portfolio. Any relationship? Are you single, engaged or still searching?

Answer— I’m very reserved and not much of a talker. I love trying out new recipes and I’m very principled. Hmmmmmm, am I single, engaged or still searching, well, I’m not engaged.

I’m in a relationship with Success, lol. Anyways the heart knows what it wants and goes for it. I would rather not discuss my relationship.

What’s your best music genre? Wizkid or Davido who’s your favorite?

Answer— i love dancehall. Anyday, anytime . Between Wizkid and Davido, honestly i love them both, but i think i have deep love for Wizkid,his vibes and all of that. Besides, chioma wont allow any woman take Davido away from her. (smiles)

Face of Nigeria queen 2018 Francisca Chika nwachukwu
I have deep love for wizkid _Queen Chika Nwachukwu

Tell me about any of your accomplishments or projects you consider to be the most significant in your career. 

Answer— My accomplishments. Presently I’m a Queen with two crowns. Face Of Kimber Africa and Face Of Nigeria 2018/19. These two platforms are the two significant aspects of my career. Along with it, I’m a brand ambassador for Royal Heritage Entertainment Agency, an entertainment company that handles almost every aspect of entertainment.

I have deep love for wizkid _Queen Chika Nwachukwu
Also the brand ambassador for ibeautifi, a beauty company that produces makeups and the likes.

My current projects, I’m working on starting up my own foundation, The Queen Chichi Foundation for youths and widows. I intend to set up a skills acquisition seminar for enlightenment, training and building them up.

I also run my own company, House Of CAFON limited which specializes in catering services, ushering services, delivery services, and household services.

Alongside being a brand ambassador for Royal Heritage Entertainment Agency, I’m also the Human Resources Manager. Working to change the perception of the entertainment industry and red carpet hosting.

Queen Francisca chika Nwachukwu face of Nigeria queen 2018

Thanks for a great time with us. Hope to hope to see you some other time. 

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