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Face of eminent magazine Tourism 2020, Queen Egbo Ifeoma shares stunning independence day shoot

Face of eminent magazine Tourism 2020, Queen Egbo Ifeoma shares stunning independence day shoot

The delectable face of Eminent magazine Tourism 2020, Queen Egbo Ifeoma joins succession of citizens and lovers of African largest country, Nigeria in marking her 60th independence day.

The Enugu-State born beauty queen shared some lovely shoot with the trademark ‘green and white’ colour and they look simply amazing.
Queen Ifeoma who was crowned earlier this year has vowed to create positive impacts in her immediate community.

Queen Ifeoma Egbo
Face of eminent magazine Tourism 2020

In a chat with Modelsnaija, the eloquent beauty queen shared her view as the country mark her 60th independence day celebration.

“More greatness we have been promised to, so many years had passed by, we still feel the pain’s of killing, raping, insecurity and unemployment.The pains of been a graduate without work, mother watch the children been killed.

“Our county is great and we can do more better, Nigeria is blessed beyond measure. Let stop the killing!!! Raping!! Insecurity!!!
Unemployment!!! Together we can do it!!!, ” she said.

Face of eminent magazine Tourism 2020

Speaking further: “Our past heroes did their very best to get us this day to celebrate our freedom. Let’s do our best to make Nigeria the nation they dreamt of. Let’s make Nigeria a vibrant nation to envy. United as one, we can change everything we don’t like in Nigeria by working together and striving hard, our good hope and plans will become reality. Happy Independence day friends.
Let’s enjoy this freedom.” she added

Queen Egbo Ifeoma


Prior to winning the face of Eminent magazine Tourism, Queen Egbo Ifeoma has held the office of
Face Of Cyon St. Joseph Parish Onitsha. There, she was involved in lots of activities that involves establishing religious values amongst youths in onitsha and its environs.

Speaking about her upcoming project, Queen Ifeoma added that she will center on empowering the less privileged through an initiative she labeled Tina Foundations For Widows and Orphans (TFFWO).

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