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Exclusive Interview With Queen Chisom,Reigning Miss Tourism Ogun state Amity.

Exclusive Interview With Queen Chisom,Reigning Miss Tourism Ogun state Amity.
Modelssphere team had an exclusive interview with the reigning Miss Tourism Ogun State Amity,Queen chisom .The beauty queen, narrates her journey so far in the modelling industry,love life and what she intend to do with her new post..

Can we meet you?

I’m queen chisom ugah miss tourism ogun state amity and top model

Tell us about your family background.

I’m from a family of 5 I’m D ist child of my parent…I’m from Anambra state and also a Christian home.My dad is a business man and my mum is a house wife.

How do you feel winning that title?

I feel awesome great and’s just a starting joy knows no bounds.

As a beauty queen,your expected to embark on a pet project.How do you intend to do that?

Yes, I have started my Pet project titled SAVE THE FUTURE(bringing hope to the hopeless). The project is focus on assisting the less less privilege kids financally physically, and educationally..Am actually focusing on the orphanage homes in ogun state.
I celebrated my birthday with the beautiful Children of Ijamido Home on April 15th. A fundraiser will be held soon to further assist these kids on a larger scale

How would you describe your personality?

I’m a girl with big dreams and passion to work on them.I’m not all that spiritual but I believe in God a lot. I fight for what I want and I’m a girl with principles.

What is success for you??

Success to me is when you’ve achieved all God has assign to you to do on earth.

Who is your role model?

Well,permit me to say this:I have two different model that plays a lot of role in my life.I love Celine Dion because her songs speaks with passion. Then Mercy Aigbe cause of her fashion sense,it speaks well for the modelling career.

What’s your favourite colour?
White everyday (smiles)

How well can you convince someone that modelling is not all about prostitution and illegal activities as being viewed by majority of people out there?

Modelling is never to be classified as a job of prostitues or practice of illegal activities rather,it is a career job to some, a hobby to some, but all we portray is fashion cause without models,no advert, no billboards, no runways, no without us business will fail.We are essential to the community and all we ask as models is respect, no cheating, no fake agencies.

So who’s in Chisom’s heart at the moment?
Hmm.. Lets save the answer for another day

What should your teeming fans expect from you this year?

Well, am taking project Savethefuture to a larger scale. Also working on running some empowerment programs to appreciate and give back to my fans.

Do you have any word of encouragement for young and upcoming models that would want to follow you path?

First of all, you need to have the passion, then believe and task yourself to be successful.Inaddition,never allow yourself get oppressed.. You are only competing against yourself.

Thanks for the time with us.hope to see you next time.

The pleasure is mine
Thank you too.

Beautiful queen with a beautiful heart.

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