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Ex Beauty Queen sets to Lauch her rape campaign, "Walk a Mile in her Shoes".

Ex Beauty Queen sets to Lauch her rape campaign, "Walk a Mile in her Shoes".
One time Miss Nigeria international, Queen Sa’adat bibire kick off her rape campaign tomorrow in Ilorin.

While Speaking about the project, here is what she said,”Obviously we believe the walk will not put an end to the rape, and in no way will the walk help the victim of rape, however the walk is to create awareness and to show the rape victims in our society that they are not alone but they have large number of people who cares for them and creating awareness and raise funds for a greater cause. We are not here to publicise any rape victims but we encourage them to come forward in order to sensitise and counsel the victims. And also to educate women generally how to prevent rape and avoid circumstances that can lead to rape. 

This walk is also a solidarity walk to tell the rapists out there that our society does not welcome such an animalistic behaviour and we have woken up from the slumber of been quiet. Since the beginning of this great cause it has also be brought to our attention that not only the women/ladies are the victims, also we have young boys, men as victims as well.
Our organisers does not know that men are also victims of rape but since the inception of this campaign and staging a walk, it has been brought to our notice and this walkathon is a great way of creating awareness for any Noble cause in our society and also a great way to raise funds by supporting the victims and have one voice to speak out for the victims”.

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