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Am a Well Disciplined Model, Mr Nigeria International 2016,Erico Anthony.

Am a Well Disciplined Model, Mr Nigeria  International  2016,Erico Anthony.
Speaking with Erico Anthony, Mr. Nigeria International 2016,the black cute model reveal that his success is a story to tell anyway.

Can we meet you?

I’m Enrico Anthony, Mr. Nigeria International 2016, 20years, from kogi state- Nigeria, a student of Salem University of Lokoja, studying Criminology & Security, 511 tall, weight: 60, chest 44, a Commercial and fit Model.

What are your Self-presentation skills?

I am more of my self confidence at every giving time am about to face the camera. I see my modeling career as part of me; I am unlimited in creative skills within my inner mind for brands. As I intend to use my present position as Mr. Nigeria International 2016 to give back to the society Charity Project which I themed ‘helping the destitute Youth Empowerment and Skill Acquisition Program’.

What are your Bag of tricks?

My bag of trick are one of the actual reasons I grow strong, active and more creative before cameras. I have unique skills to do my own fair makeup in a variety of styles, and a wardrobe and shoes appropriate to basic modeling situations.

Self Discipline
I am a well disciplined model with a good parental background, groomed by the modeling brand, Brendance & Crusader Ltd’ with the roles and instructions.

Modeling Skills
Brand Advert, Creativity, Communication and ability to get along with others. 

I am ready and I will always co-operates.

Whats it Really Like Being a Brand King /fit model?

I am proud to say that it was a difficult task going through a training process in the pageantry camp but I will work and leave to tell more of the story. Kudos!! To the man of Poise, Class & Etiquette, Ambassdor Brendan Niskak, CEO, great teacher, i reserve other words for now.
Yes! I made it to the position As Mr. Nigeria International 2016. Words are not enough to appreciate everyone who made me got to this position.
As a fit model, for branding collection. Either you are chosen because you have a style that the brand connects with, or somehow you embody what the designer senses in terms of creativity and design. At 510 (180 cm) I feel a few inches short of the average height of a runway model, but A lot of it is just personal and emotional. The designer has to be attracted to you and somehow, on a very human level, want to be around you all day when you’re half-naked.
The fit, or fitting, model is a vital but rarely talked about role in the fashion industry.

What its Really Like Being a Brand King and Commercial Model??

Is being a thing of joy, a leading task at hand, and a focus to showcase an exemplary life style to my follow models outside.

What do you have in return to the society & your supporters?

I am working on a project to give back to the society in appreciations to their support during the competition exercises. I want to believe that this project will make a positive impact on the youth in focusing on their better tomorrow, stay away from violent, live a reformed life in the present economic and be positive in thinking.

Nice having you, hope to see you next time.

The pleasure is mine

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