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Am crushing on Duro Master Tekno___Miss NGO Advocate,Carmelita.

Am crushing on Duro Master Tekno___Miss NGO Advocate,Carmelita.

Modelssphere had an exclusive interview with top model and reigning Miss NGO Nigeria advocate for peace,Queen Carmelita Jocelyn.The elegant queen explains how her journey as model all started,her celebrity crush,challenges and brief info about her personality..Excerpts

Can we meet you?

I’m miss Carmelita Jocelyn Akieh from Agenebode, Etsako east Local Government Area in Edo State. A graduate from Bayero University, Kano, read English Language.

How was your growing up?

Growing up was quite rosy as I was raised in a nuclear family where detailed attention was paid to each child. Spent all my years in the north, Kano State to be precise. I attended St. Louis Nursery and Primary School airport road Kano, then proceeded to St. Louis Secondary School, Bompai Kano n finally Bayero University, Kano

At what age did you venture into modelling?

Modeling has bin part of me but I went professional abt it when I was 20yrs old.

What were the challenges you faced as teen model?

I was really faced with the challenge of indecision as I could barely seal up a deal without hiccups.

What has been your greatest achievement?

I have always dreamt of being a renowned philosophical writer. My greatest achievement was when I published my first book titled, “Women Empowerment: A Major Issue to be Addressed in Nigeria.

If you want to flaunt your endowments which part of your body is most sexy?

Lol. Every part of me is worth flaunting buh for your question, I’ll certainly settle for my lips. This is because with the words that come out of it, I’m able to build that which I have yearned for and more alluring is the smile it produces.

A lot of men would hardly take their eyes of you, how do you handle your male fans?
I expected this question. Hmmmm! Quite true and in handling them, I’m quite diplomatic.

What is “success” for you?

An ambiguous word it is, however, for me, success is achievement of set goals with positive legacy to show for it.

Are you into any relationship now and who is the lucky man in your life?

I’m no longer a minor and as such I’m at liberty to be in a relationship. To the second question, that lucky man is no one other than he that counts himself lucky. It could even be you as I’m even crushing on you.

Oh really?

Arrrh! That was a fast one you got there. I was actually going to tell you but as it stands, you are already in the know.

What does sex mean to you?

Ouch! I never saw this coming. Sex, sex, sex! It depends on the angle you are inquiring from. To me, sex refers to the gender of an individual for instance, male and female.

Intercourse if I may say

Nice specification. To me, sexual intercourse is the height of intimacy between matured minds willing to give true love a chance to unfold itself.

Have you ever been heartbroken?.

I’m a human with blood flowing in my veins. It is only natural to find and lost love. To this end, yes I have been heartbroken and trust me it is not a land I’ll wish for even an arch enemy.

*What do you think constitute true beauty?

Aside physical attraction, a lot makes up true beauty ranging from intelligence, charisma, confidence, fluency and culture to etiquette.

What do you like most about yourself?

I like, but strongly put, I love my confidence and convincing aura of beauty that I can use to persuade and influence other people to become responsive and helpful to the voiceless Nigerians as I perform my duties as a beauty Queen.

Who is your celebrity male crush and what do you like about him?

I’m quite sure a lot of my friends already know the answer. He’s no one other than the delectable Tekno. His song “Duro” got me loving up and then “Wash” came in. He’s got his own kind of down to earth style and a captivating sense of projecting love in his video that’s what I like about him.

Do you have any word of encouragement for upcoming models?

Thank you. To upcoming models out there, I’m encouraging you, dare to dream big and live your dream.

And your lovely fans,what should they expect from you?

For everyone who has believed in me and
dreams, supported me where possible and encouraged my vision, I use this medium to express my profound gratitude. Actions speak louder than words, as such, I’m bringing to the big screen, touching lives projects unseen and unheard off. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and stay connected.

Thanks for the time spent with u.Hope to catch u some other time..laughs

My pleasure it is here.

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  1. Very Impressive and so nice to know a little about you. Being this far it's not a day struggle. As dreams is what we chase may almighty God make us accomplish our goals. My Regards.

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