Unstoppable!!! Queen Carmelita Akieh Sympathizes with Displaced Families in Kaduna Massacre.

Carmelita Akieh is one beauty Queen who has taken out time to truly carve a positive niche for herself. Despite the controversial story that trailed her recently, she has proven to be unstoppable. This time she was caught right in the act she describes as deriving pleasure from which is touching lives and empowerment schemes.

Regardless of the silent killings prevalent in the southern part of Kaduna state, the beauty Queen took the bull by the horn to commiserate with the affected in the Kujama area of southern Kaduna thus, bringing back happy moments to the widows, widowers and affected kids.

Speaking to Modelssphere, she urges all and sundry especially beauty queens, to look into more pitiable spheres of life and proffer assistance where possible instead of dwelling endlessly on courtesy visits especially to motherless babies home which ought to be a personal affair and not an out reach. In the same vein, she expresses her gratitude to all who contributed to the success of this event.

Queen Carmelita Akieh

Queen With Good heart.
She will talk and still work. *Winks*

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