Special Day,Fashion Designer Ifunanya Igbobi Mark her Birthday in Style.

Fast rising fashion designer and ex beauty queen, Ifunanya IGBoBI added one to her age today, 19th December.

The young fashionista who owns a fashion brand “Wecks design” has been on headline of most online journals and tv station lately projecting her brand which has gotten wide spread recognition within and outside the country.

Indeed,it has been a fruitful year for her and she could not hold back her happiness as she thanked God for all the blessings thus she said “I thankGod Almighty for adding a year to my age today,it has been him and him alone,I can’t thank him enough. so far,I have been recognized in special occasions and gotten 19 awards on my desk. without him,I wouldn’t have achieved all that. Special thanks to my family members and all the clients have initiated biz with this year,you all added to my happiness and I pray that the good Lord bless you all, thank you!!!”.

She will be celebrating the birthday party with few selected friends and well wishers in Lagos before the year ends.

On behalf modelssphere team and the good friends of the paragon of beauty, I heartily wish you a fun filled day as you age gracefully.

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