Queen Jane Ali, Face of culture Nig.NorthCentral 2015/2016 flags off her pet project with stunning photos.

Her Royal Majesty, Queen Jane Ali, Face of Culture Nig. NorthCentral 2015/2016 releases Stunning photos , as she celebrates Nigerian culture. Her majesty talks about her pet project which kicks off February #Promoting Culture in Nigeria through Education. She said “Culture known for a fact is the way of life of a group of people! And I’ll be giving a talk on #Culture as a way of Life, as this is to promote the values of culture in our society starting from our teenagers to instill that culture in them so they grow with it . And as time goes on my love will be extended to those in rural areas.! Queen Jane wishes her friends and family a prosperous new year.
See more stunning photos after the cut..

You can follow her on IG @ Queen_Jane_Ali . Fb page Queen Jane Ali.

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