Queen Ashley Yusuf and Queen Okechukwu Jennifer Reaching Out to The less Privileged kids in Benin Republic(photos)

The inhabitants of Benin Republic was on stand still recently as reigning face of Idoma carnival, queen Ashley Yusuf and face of culture Africa, queen Jennifer okechukwu touched down the street to show love to the less privileged kids at the rural area in Pekardis, Benin Republic.

The project exercise was themed “Reaching out to the children in African countries” with a purpose of helping the lives of children abroad in Africa with specification to Benin Republic.

The project was a huge success as foodstuffs,reading materials plus other goodies were distributed to the kids and their parents.

While addressing the media team, the beauty queens expressed their thought and objectives for the project. Here’s what they said,
“The purpose of this is to help them remember we are all privileged to enjoy whatever wealth ,frivolities and sweetness of the world we are enjoying today regardless of our personalities and offices”. 

This is no doubt a great move and one that needs to be emulated by other queens.
More photos after cut……

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