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Queen Agbani Darego Advices Models

Queen Agbani Darego Advices Models
The one time miss world  Agbani Darego [Miss World2001] advices models!

” I want to be a model “.
 I have lost track of how many times I have heard this from young aspiring models. From the youngest to eldest. I have always offered some suggestions from my own experience as a formal miss world beauty queen/supermodel and always tell them to
seek modeling advice from professionals or talent agents. Nothing inspires today’s generation of fashion minded young people more than to make it into the modeling world. There are few careers that can prove to be as enriching, empowering and glamorous as modeling. With that being said, there a very few careers that demand so much from its members.
 Long hours, personal sacrifice, hard work and lots of patience are the call of the day in the modeling industry.

Shoots can take a few hours to several days. Only the top 2% to 5 % percent of the world’s top models are always working. The rest just have to patiently wait for their call to come in, even then, they have to audition and hope that they will be chosen.
 I am not trying to discourage anyone from pursuing their dreams, but just offering some advice. If you want to model,by all means pursue it, but have something else to fall back on,just in case. Did you know that most top models have a college degree? Something to look forward to; talent agencies, modeling agencies,photographers,and producers are always looking for fresh talent, with perseverance, your chance may come in sooner rather than latter.

 When you are serious about entering the modeling world, do your research and hook up with a talent agent or agency. It they are legitimate and see a future for you, they will offer you a representation contract that among other things stipulates their fees for referring you to modeling jobs.Many agencies and agents are not really agents (their main job is not to find work for you) they are really in the business of offering modeling classes for which you have to pay. This is fine if you feel that you need it, and most models are not  born, they are made. So please consider carefully if you want to go this route. Taking modeling classes does not guarantee success, it is much a matter of luck than anything else.

Prospective models also have to have a “thick skin”, they have to be ready and willing to accept tons of criticism, to hear that “you don’t have what it takes”, you’re too fat or too skinny, too short or too tall. and always take it with a smile. Here’s some more not so good news: Have a tattoo, it better be really tiny, have a criminal record, don’t have a high school, don’t have a professional portfolio? Then don’t bother.

 One of the first things that you better have when seeking representation is a professional photographic portfolio. You will need head shots, body shots, several types of attires: casual, formal, swimwear etc…
 Model releases are mandatory every time that your photo is going to be used to make a profit and they are a part of the business, just read carefully.

Above all, like any business that requires effort, be persistent, do research, take classes if you feel that you need, seek the advice of legitimate agents, get ready for criticism, have a backup plan.
Good luck.

 But be aware and keep an open mind that not all people who want to be models will actually make it. here are many other careers that keep you in close touch with the world of modeling.

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