Project Queen::::Queen Ijeoma Okafor Visits Enugu State University Teaching Hospital.

The delectable Face of Nigeria world Tourism,Queen Ijeoma Okafor is at it again! Doing what she loves most.

So, on 22 December, 2016, just few days to Christmas, she chose not to party nor attend glamorous events not even a red carpet fiesta, but decided to pay a warm visit to Enugu State University Teaching hospital where she shared gift items to patients in the hospital.

When asked what motivated her, she responded happily.
“This is one very thing I have always loved to do even before I became a beauty queen. And when I stepped in here, I was received warmly. I’ m happy they appreciated my visit and I’m also happy that I’m impacting the lives of my people,” she chuckled.

The Emotional Queen Couldn’t Help But Break Down Visibly Seeing The State These Little Kids Were In.

Isn’t that amazing????????

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