New Month Gist:2017 Edition of Miss Tourism Ebonyi State is a Total Mess, Contestants and CEO fights during crowning(Photos)

2017 Edition of Miss Tourism Ebonyi Is A Big Flop

2017  edition of Miss Tourism Ebonyi  State  ended up in total  dissapointment as the organizer fake result and announced the wrong candidate  which led to an uproar and fracas in the well studed hall.
The show which was filled up with a good number of people, top personalities and celebrities who came to witness the crowning of the New Miss Tourism Ebonyi 2017 left the audience with a sad look as the organizer apparently played prank by obviously announcing the wrong person.
Modelssphere reporter who was present during the whole brouhaha noted that the judges did a nice job only for the CEO to announce a result which is totally different from what he was given to call which resulted to a fight .
“This is a total shame, our children are being deceived ” exclaimed by one of the audience who spoke to our reporter.
A case like this was also reported during the crowing of the first ever Miss Karis Nigeria held in Awka were the organizer differed the  list given to him an announced another winner. 
The question is, will our children ever contest again?
See more Embarrassing Photos Below!
Even the oyibo man is Dissapointed. 
Chaos at the Hall after the wrong Winner was Announced. 

2017 Edition Of Miss Tourism Ebonyi  Is Fake. 

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