Miss Reliable Nigeria pageant turns messy as organizer and reigning queen fire abuses at each other on social media.

Miss reliable Nigeria organizer fights queen

Things are not really going well between Miss reliable Nigeria pageant organizer and their reigning queen as they both exchange words on social media.

In a statement posted on their Facebook page, the organizer reaffirm their stand against fighting indiscipline as they suspend their head queen for improper conduct and abuse of organization’s rules and regulation.

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Though the post was deleted afterwards but we got it just before they did that. See screenshots below for proof.

The message reads

“The 4th miss reliable Nigeria pageant Queen,  Naomi Grandball have just been suspended for improper conduct and abuse of organization’s rules and regulations.

The suspension takes immediate effect from today 11th December till further notice. Therefore queen Naomi should stop parading herself as our queen”.

Reacting to the suspension, Miss Naomi bounced back and fire the organization,stating that she’s gonna cope with or without the crown that they should take a Fuck!!

That’s a hard one. *giggles*

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Her message reads

“With or without a crown, am still a queen. Royalty runs in my dna.Haters should no day.”

What could possibly be the problem? well we will find out and keep you posted. 


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