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10 Real modeling agencies in Nigeria today(Avoid Modeling Scam)

10 Real modeling agencies in Nigeria today(Avoid Modeling Scam)

Find out all the Modelling scam and Fake modeling agencies in Nigeria. Also included are top 10 Real and best modeling agencies in Nigeria today. 


The myth and unravelled truth about getting modeling Jobs in Nigeria or anywhere in the world. This piece will also cover a step by step guide on how to start a freelance modeling or work with a top notch modelling agency that guarantee constant modelling jobs.

Fake Modelling agencies

In the past years,models in developed countries like USA, Australia, France and the likes are referenced among the top earners with heavy pay in some of their fashion shows, editorial coverage and all sort of commercial jobs they do for brands in the marketing sector.


They get paid regularly and are in full demand in every sector that wants to show off their products or do any sort of advert.

The likes of Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss who started modeling at the early age and rose to stardom in 1990’s are few among the most sort after models who capitalized on the high need for models to grow their tent and make name for themselves.

Even till date, their demands are still high and still do not get logged-out as per modelling jobs and requests.

In Nigeria, one super model who has been able to carve a positive niche for herself in the modelling industry in Nigeria and will never go into extinction easily is Agbani Darego.

Till date, she is still the most paid model in Nigeria not after making the nation proud by winning one of the most referred pageant title, “Miss world 2001”.


What is the secret in getting modeling Jobs in Nigeria?

As norm, to get modeling Jobs in Nigeria, you must be well positioned, register with an agency and always be on the lookout for rare modeling opportunities.

That sounds quite easy but here is the jerk!

Getting modeling Jobs in Nigeria is not easy and to even worsen it, you could easily get trapped and duped by fake agency who go about claiming to have offers for models. Don’t be in a rush, let me quickly show you just how to spot fake agencies and avoid the costly mistakes others have found themselves in.

Best modelling agencies in Nigeria


The hustle and razzle to survive and make a living in Nigeria is always high. The harsh economy is not helping matters as scavengers in human-form go about looking for whom to devour. Don’t be the scape goat!.

There are lots of fake modeling agencies in Nigeria. They claim to have modeling offers with an eye catching pay that would easily make anyone consider going for it.

Here are few popular modelling offers they often present to their preys:

  • Work as Etisalat advert crew.
  • Do a semi nude advert for a foreign brand.
  • Enrol as ushers for a big event.
  • Get scouted to represent Nigeria in international fashion show with huge pay (most times in dollars).

Most of these claims are to scam you,don’t be easily distracted.

Even still, they demand for your nude photos so they could use it to extort money from you afterwards. Some collect money from you for photoshoot that will be used for advert and can go as far as kidnapping you for their selfish wants.

Most of them are human traffickers who lure girls and boys with promising offers and ended up using them as slaves in foreign countries.


A reputable agency anywhere in the world must have a reformed structure and should  be easily trusted. Anyone who lacks the following should be duly investigated.

  1. •Physical address: An office where they engage with models, carry out necessary interview and other activities should be the first thing to look out for. Kindly check the address using Google Map to be sure it’s real -redirecting.
  2. •Fan base: A reputable agency should be able to have a huge fan base where they showcase some of their models and their past work. Make sure you scan through all their social network handles and be very well concerned about those with skeleton profile with little or no photos.(They could be fake).
  3. •Website :Top Modeling agencies around the globe boast of a website where they direct aspiring models to register and fill all their details before they will be called for interview.               
  4. •Working hour : A real modeling agency operates during the normal working hours.(8-5pm).Anyone who appoint a meeting during  weekend or in the evening is not a safe bet.               
  5. •Business License : Ask for business license. In Nigeria,all businesses are registered with CAC(Corporate Affairs Commission). If they fail to present one, please trade with care or better still run if you can. (na dem).                   
  6. •Money before service: Be be careful while dealing with  Modelling agency that persuades you to make a customary payment for services such as classes and photoshoots. Legitimate modeling agencies provide these services for their models at no charge.

Note:They only take back their commission after you’ve completed the job offer.

Notable modeling agencies in Nigeria that guarantee constant modelling jobs.

We are about to list the top 10 modeling agencies in Nigeria that will obviously make you a Star by giving you real and constant modelling Jobs.

1. Exquisite Models International
2. Y-Ray Models
3. Zahara Models
4. Fashion instinct modeling agency
5. Beige Model Management
6. Iris Modeling Agency
7. Black Dove model agency
8. Wave Model Management
9. Few Model Agency
10. ISIS Model Management

While there are few other genuine and reputable agencies out there, these are the top guns in Nigeria. They are almost involved in all the modelling adverts and works in Nigeria. They have professional models and can be trusted to deliver the best.

Every past and present winners of top Pageants like Miss Nigeria, Most beautiful girl in Nigeria(MBGN),Miss earth Nigeria, Face of Nigeria World and others have being directly or indirectly involved with most of the above listed modelling agencies.

That alone, is among the value added services you get while working with them. They know just how to train models.

Easy way  to get scouted by top modeling agencies that provide modeling Jobs.

Top modeling agencies and scouts in Nigeria a

To get scouted, you must follow due process.

  • First, you need to examine yourself. Trust me, none of these agencies will ever take you if you’re not good enough.
    I don’t expect you to be all perfect but you need to posses the attributes of a Model (not necessarily skinny, some of these agencies also work with plus size models).

Just like a jar of clay, you could be molded into perfection. Don’t ever look down on yourself, you can be the next Agbani Darego if given the reserved training.

  • Secondly, take a quick look on their contact us page, get their email or phone number and place a call to them. They will probably ask you to send your photos for review. Make sure you do a nice head-to-toe photo shoot or head shot. (Please use a good digital camera).

If you meet their target. You will  probably get a response to come for physical assessment and possible training.

Lone model: How to get modelling jobs Working as a freelance/lone Model.

While it may be easier to get jobs when you work with an agency, it is never a bad idea working alone. After all, you can be your own boss and still break records.

To work and get constant modelling jobs as a lone model, you will constantly avail your self to lots of opportunities. Go out regularly and schedule meeting with clients where you tell them what you do and how you can be of help.

To start your journey as a lone model, you need to develop an highly catchy photo directory of your previous work. Get a good fan base (especially on Instagram). Submit proposals to clients through mail and be well positioned.

There are lots of models who started as a lone model. There’s apparently no limit to what you can achieve, it’s a matter of choice.

Either way (working as a lone model or with an agency), you must be wary of scammers. Don’t be deceived. We have listed out ways on how to spot fake modeling agencies that provide unrealistic modeling Jobs.

We also believe that this article will help you make the right decision today and always. Be kind enough to share this piece with you friends.

Also, leave a reply in the comment box telling us your experience with some of these fake modeling agencies.

You could be helping someone who is currently trapped in same situation to take the right step and avoid being scammed.

Written by Mr Fancy (CEO

Points covered : •Fake modeling agencies in Nigeria. •How to get modelling jobs in Nigeria, •working as a lone model, •Top modelling agencies in Nigeria that guarantee constant modelling jobs.

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