8 Interesting things you Need to Know about Miss Chioma iheomamere, Hottest Model in Michael Okpara University.

Nigeria has never been in short supply of pretty ladies. We have had series of pretty ladies who represented the country in different occasions and our spot light today is on this fast rising model,student and embodiment of beauty,miss Chioma iheomamere.

Miss chioma is like a running brook in the countryside, serene, beautiful,attractive with an admirable personalities.

Below are 7 things you need to know about Miss Chioma Iheomamere.

1)Miss Chioma is the last child and only daughter in the family of 5(Mum and dad inclusive).

2)Born and brought up in Lagos.

3)Undergraduate at Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike and one of the most sought after babes on campus.

4)Last year(2016),she emerged as the Miss Africana August and was awarded as the most expensive girl in Marketing Department, Mouau.

5)Currently engaged to the man she declares as the love of her life.

6)Aside reading, she love singing and
.she is one of those girls that can tweak for Africa.You might want to book her for your
music video. Winks**

7)She hardly move alone,she is always in company of her besties.

8)Virtuous and highly reserved.She is also a true Believer of Christ.

Reach her on her social media networks
Facebook :Chioma Iheomamere
Instagram: Mhiz Chommy

What do you have to say about her??

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