Top 16 Common Pageant Questions and Answers you need to Know when Going For  A Beauty Contest.

Beauty Pageant Questions and Answers 

As a social media promoter and ardent models publicist,have lose counts, number of times aspiring and young models ask me rhetorical questions about certain beauty pageant and the likely question he/she would be asked during the “Question and answer session” at the grand finale of their pageant of choice.

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Today, have come up with a list of few questions often asked at major beauty pageants in Nigeria and beyond. Have also helped in answering some of these questions though you can always key in more if need be.
Note:There’s no guarantee that some of these questions will be asked in the contest you might be taking part in but it will surely guild you on what to say as some of them have been asked so many times in top and popular pageants.

The **Question-and-answer** session during **beauty pageants** is often a fraught situation.
Before rushing to answer any question, always have a relaxed mind, in fact breathe in and breathe out so as to hiss off the pressure. It helps really.

1)**In what ways do beauty contests help the women?**

Or they might still ask it this way:
**What is the relevance of a beauty pageant in a society?**
Which ever one, I have stated clearly how to tackle such question.

**Beauty contests** give women of different cultures and ethnicities all over the world the opportunity to showcase not just their beauty, personality and potentials but also their intelligence in a local, national and international setting. They serve as training grounds for women to gain courage and introduce their different advocacies, especially those who plan to take on key roles in our society, by  engaging in social issues and problems. Its also a platform which helps them learn effectively express themselves, educate/influence people and become the voices of hope..

You can also answer it this way

*A **beauty pageant** is a celebration of beauty. It is an act and a venue to acknowledge and give honor to the beauty God placed in us. It is also an effective means to campaign for social awareness of different social issues and problems that need our attention since the answers the candidates give serve as piece of good advice to the concerned public.

2)**Why did you join this pageant?**

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*I joined this pageant to have a sense of achievement and fulfillment. Likewise, the excitement I may experience and memories I make here are beyond measure in worth for widening my social horizon and understanding of people.

*My primary reason for joining this pageant is to develop and boost my self-esteem. Likewise,it is a great privilege and honor to become one of the candidates for (Name of pageant) since the organization will be helping the charities and  assisting us in promoting them through the organization’s various programs and activities.

3)**How do you see yourself fifteen years from now?**

Well this question has to do with the choice you make for yourself,cant predict one for you but be sure to give a brief reply.

4)**Who is the most influential person in your life?**

Just before you start mentioning your family member,be sure you have an alternative answer in case they decide to add a clause to it like they did in **MBGN 2014**.

The most influential person in my life is my mom. My mother is exactly who I want to be like in the future: kind, compassionate and a true epitome of a God-fearing woman. She is an inspiration and a blessing for me and for others who have come in contact with  her.

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5)**Who is that one influential person you want to meet and what do you want to learn from him/her?**

Have always dreamt of becoming a super star and a screen diva so meeting Genevieve Nnaji will be a dream come true for me.
Her personality and the way she Interpret her script is one thing i would love to learn from her.

I would like to meet the pope. Since he has profound wisdom, I would like to know what his opinion or belief is on what matters most in life. Being a Man of God, I would also like to ask for his prayers for our place, the people of (mention the name of the pageant), and the less fortunate who may have Litle hope of survival .

6)Lets assume you won 1mllion Jackpot, what would you do with it?

If I win millions of dollar in a lottery, I would use it as capital to start a small business. What is good about starting a micro enterprise is that it is not a one-time deal. If in case it turns out to be a good business and expansion is necessary, I would easily be able to do so and help more people by employing them.

7)**If you had to live your life all over again, what part of your life would you change?**

None! I would not change a single scene in my life. I am me because of what I have been through. Changing any part of my life automatically changes what defines me as a person, and I do not want that to happen.

8)**If you were given the chance to live again, what would it be?**

If I were given the chance to live again, I would still be me. I know that there is a work in this world that I alone could do. There is a space in this world that I alone could fill. There is a sound that I alone could make. There are people who would miss me if I am not around. That is why if given the chance to live again, I would still be me.

9)**If you were given the chance to change something from the past, what would it be?**

If I were given the chance to change something from the past, I would change the time when the Chibok  girls were kidnapped and molested by the Boko Haram armies. I think everybody knows what had happened there and no one would ever dare go back to that nightmare except to change the past for the better.

You can still put it this way

I would not change anything from the past. The society we live in and the person we are today are products of our past. The past is something to be cherished whether its sad memory or happy. It is full of lessons and insights that we use today to see what lies ahead. It is a part of history that must be respected and treated as a clue to success and progress.

If it’s an international pageant then you can go for this answer.

If I were given the chance to change an episode in the past, I would not permit for World War I and II to happen. I think that nobody deserves to undergo the nightmare of those fateful years, no one deserved to die and no children of the past deserved to be subjected to so much sadness and horror.

10)If God should grant you one wish, what would it be?**

*Make sure you put  up a smiling face*.

If God will grant me a wish, I would ask that no one in this world should ever go hungry because of financial deprivation and social depression. It is an awful fact to accept that while the world is busy keeping up with luxury and innovation, there are still thousands of faceless beggars out on the cold streets begging for aims.

**Below are alternative answers, you can pick any of them** 

I would wish for the universal brotherhood and sisterhood of all of humanity. To eradicate the barriers of culture and language, to become one solid country of the world, to share one universal truth, and become united children of One God.

*I wish that contentment would become an innate part of humanity so that hatred and greed will totally be over for us to have a peaceful world.

*I would like to wish for the betterment of all humanity so we all live in peace and harmony . Even with all the conflicts that the human race is experiencing, if we have complete understanding of each other’s feelings and needs, I am sure that we’ll be able to attain a peaceful and abundant life.

*If God would grant me one wish, I would gladly volunteer to be His instrument to bring change in this world. Every day we see nothing but evil, suffering, grief and sadness. This is not what the Lord wants. Thus, I would wish for myself to become His tool – a catalyst of change in order to help people change, and I believe that with His will and guidance, change can be within our grasp. Thank you.

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11)**What edge do you have over other contestants?**

I have very supportive parents who have always been there all the way as not all girls who join pageants are actually supported by their parents. Aside from that, I have prepared very well for this contest and I am ready and equipped with all that it takes to be (Name of pageant).

12) **What can be your greatest contribution to the community?**

The greatest contribution I can give the community is to join clean and green projects, charity missions, livelihood seminars and I believe pageants like this which have it’s focus on the development of one’s personality, confidence, self-esteem and other skills can help me achieve that.

13)**What will be your contribution to mitigate global warming?**

I think I should be more than willing to join any green revolution or green movement seminars in educating the public on caring for and saving the environment. I would use social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube for fast dissemination of information to the public, and become a role model for the clean and green movement.

14)**How would you describe your own personality?**

I am an optimistic person. I look at things in a positive way, thinking that the glass is half-full rather than half-empty. God has taught us how to trust in Him and so I have. That is exactly the best and what I like most about myself.

**Below are alternative answers**

What I like most about myself is that I am lighthearted and simple. I can stay and look charming and sweet even in unpleasant situations. I am also a simple person with simple and clear ambitions like finishing my studies, having a good family in the future, and contributing even a little in our society.

I am contended with what God has given unto me. I do not regret being softhearted but rather,i like it the most. Though some may abuse it, I am always glad to have extended my hand to help others.

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15)What is your philosophy or value that you hold dearest in life?

My philosophy in life is to stay morally upright despite the prevalence of immoral acts in our society; to respect and gain respect; to become a friend to everyone and be able to help other people. With that, I would be presentable in the eyes of my friends, my family and especially to God.

16)**If you will be winning the crown tonight, what will be the very first thing you will do?**

If I will be crowned tonight as (Title of pageant), the very first thing that I will do is to thank God. Nothing could be more important than offering my achievements and thanking God who is the real source of all things beautiful.

**This is part one of the pageant question and answers article compiled by Mr Fancy, the chief editor of Models sphere**. 

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Appreciate good work.
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Top 16 Common Pageant Questions and Answers  by Mr Fancy(Part )

The part 2 will be Explosive..
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  1. i really liked your article mr fancy and i really appreciated every single word i read and i'm very thankful that i read this article because it's help me to have an idea on what should i say in beauty contest:)

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