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Exclusive interview with nigeria next rated male model Favour Alexis Aguiyi, Ambassador for Health Nigeria 2018

Exclusive interview with nigeria next rated male model Favour Alexis Aguiyi, Ambassador for Health Nigeria 2018

Exclusive interview with the reigning Ambassador for Health Nigeria, King Aguiyi Favour Alexis. Favour tells Mr Fancy, his foray into the Nigerian modelling industry, challenges, greatest breakthrough and how he managed to carve a niche for himself in the ever competitive industry.

  • Models Naija: Can we meet you?

Thank you, my name is King Aguiyi Favour Alexis, i’m a native of Awka North LGA in Anambra state, Nigeria. I’m 21 years old and currently the Ambassador for Health Nigeria.

  • Models Naija: Tell us about your family background.

Well, I’m the fourth child out of six children born to Barr. And Mrs Aguiyi. I’m also the first son of my parents.


Interview with nigerian model favour Alexis aguiyi
Alexis Favour Aguiyi Ambassador for health Nigeria
  • Models Naija: Tell us about your foray into the Nigerian modelling industry.

Okay,i always admired models especially those into pageantry. I remember staying up late at night to watch pageants such as miss Nigeria, MBGN, Mister Universe etc but I was always scared to try it out until I eventually met Queen Brainy and King Ruby,they were the pivotal force that launched me into the modelling industry and ever since then, i’ve been taking every opportunity I see and turning it into my spotlight(winks).

  • Models Naija: Tell us about your first pageant contest.

My first contest was Mr/Miss Teen Havillah SouthSouth 2014/2015. It was a contest for teenagers,it aimed to bring out a voice for teenagers in Southern Nigeria. I went into the contest with a mentality of “I just want the experience” but then I came out as the state Ambassador for cross river(Mr Teen Havillah CrossRiver).

  • Models Naija: What would you say are the challenges you’ve encountered so far during pageant competition.

Well, there are a lot of challenges but I’ll mention a few such as frivolity on the part of the organising crew,sexual harassment, failure of the organisers the keep to their word after the contest etc.

  • Models Naija: What has been your greatest accomplishment in life.

I would say that is being able to touch lives in the society,being that voice for those who can’t speak for themselves, giving a helping hand to the less privileged in our society. It’s becoming a beacon of hope to people who are either on the verge of losing or have lost hope already.
In General, it’s been able to leave my mark not on the Sands of time but on the hearts of people.

  • Models Naija: What’s your response to some set of people who feel pageantry and partly modelling has to do with prostitution?

Well,i don’t blame anyone for having such perspective of the modelling industry rather I blame the bad eggs amongst us that give out such ideology. But still we can’t judge a whole basket of eggs simply because one of them is bad now can we? So people should know that there are successful models out there whose integrity are still intact.

  • Models Naija: “Totally wrong, acceptable, i really don’t care – let them live” which among the three words defines your view about gay marriage?You may perhaps add a clause to it.

“Let them live”. Everyone has a right to decide how they want to live their lives. Even in the Bible moses set before the children of Israel life and death but only advised them to choose life,he didn’t force it on them. So how someone lives his/her life is not another person’s problem.

  • Models Naija: Who would you say is your role model and why?

Well,my Role model is the Late Dr Mrs Dora Akunyili. I took her as a role model because of how much of a humanitarian she is. She was a beacon of hope for Nigeria even until her death.

  • Models Naija: How do you define success?

Well, to me success is not having all the money you ever want or having a position of power but being able to achieve ur dreams no matter how small they are whilst being a positive inspiration to your environment and touching lives positively in your environment.

  • Models Naija: Whats your favorite meal?

That would be rice and banga Stew with assorted meat. By the way,I’m a foodie(smiles)

  • Models Naija: Imagine you are meeting an opposite sex you would want to date, how do you express your self using one sentence.

Oh dear!!!!! This is a difficult one. I guess I’ll start with “Hi, I’m Alex and you look good”. Smiles,but really you can never be prepared for that now can you??

  • Models Naija: Tell us one thing people hardly notice about you

Well,i think that would when I’m serious. I’m a very playful nd jovial person so a lot of people miss my serious side a lot.

  • Models Naija: What are working on presently?

Well,right now I’m working on my #SpeakOut campaign. It’s aimed at inspiring youngsters especially females to speak out in cases of abuse or harassment rather than keeping silent and dying in fear.

  • Models Naija: Where do you see your self in the next 5 years

Well, I see myself as d owner of a humanitarian worldwide NGO

  • Models Naija: Aside Modeling, which other career are you interested in?

I’m also interested in Nursing. I’m currently a 200L nursing student in Unical.

  • Models Naija: How’s your typical day like?

Well, basically it’s wake up,devotion,lectures,library, check up on an orphanage close to me before going home.

  • Models Naija: If you have the chance to change one thing in the Nigerian pageant system what will that be?

That would definitely be the bad ideology being caused by the bad eggs amongst us

  • Models Naija: Whats your most embarrassing moment in life?

Whoa!!! That would be when I forgot my lines on stage back in secondary school.

  • Models Naija: Which pageant are you looking at now?

The next contest I have in mind is Mister Tourism Nigeria.

  • Models Naija: What message do you have for people considering a career in modeling?

Follow your dreams, maintain your integrity, and although there will be obstacles and it may take long. You will have victory eventually.

  • Models Naija: For the sake of your admirers, please tell us about your relationship status and how you respond to glances from the opposite sex.

Well,I’m single right now and I’m a big blusher.

  • Models Naija: If the president of the country would grant one of your wishes today, what will that be?

That would be to implement the child rights law in every state of the federation especially in the north.

  • Models Naija: Your happiest day so far?

Well,that would be the day my parents finally supported my modelling career because that was the only thing they didn’t support at that time.

Nigerian model aguiyi favour alexis
Top rising Nigerian Model Aguiyi Alexis Favour
  • Models Naija: Your advice to your fans/people who draw inspiration from you.

Be yourself everywhere you go,let light and love shine in and through you, only then will u find true happiness.

  • Models Naija: Thank you Mister Favour Alexis. Good to have you around. Hope to see you some other time.

Thank you very much. It’s totally my pleasure

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